UCCA organizes upwards of 300 public programs each year, in formats including discussions, workshops, and cinema and performing arts events, presenting groundbreaking cultural activity from around the world. Many programs connect to UCCA’s exhibitions, opening up the museum’s curatorial program to a wider audience through events that unpack and annotate the concepts and contexts behind these acclaimed shows. Other programs offer a wider survey of the contemporary cultural moment, through activities related to cinema, architecture, design, literature, modern dance, music, sound, and other fields, sharing with audiences the latest developments in the arts, and the humanities in general. Through its public programs, UCCA aspires to a vision of a cultural center for a broad and open community, centered on contemporary art while also expanding past its boundaries.  

“Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine”
Public Practice Programs

2024.3.23 - 2024.6.23

UCCA × The Parkview Museum·Beijing
“Matisse by Matisse” Film Series: Monet to Matisse

2023.8.13 - 2023.8.20

Matisse by Matisse
Public Practice Programs

2023.7.15 - 2024.2.18


2023.6.22 - 2024.2.25

Modern Time: Masterpieces from the Collection of Museum Berggruen / Nationalgalerie Berlin
Public Practice Programs

2023.6.22 - 2023.10.8

Youth in History: A Cross-Cultural, Intermedia, and Temporal Exploration of Youth

2023.4.9 - 2023.4.16

Rauschenberg in Jazz: Nine Details by Ted Nash and the UCCA Workshop Ensemble


Alternative Method: Cattelan' s Working Philosophy


“Andy’s Quarter” Series: A Garden of Camp Delights


“Andy’s Quarter” Series: Critical Camp


"Drifting Realities: The Archipelago of Food Discourses" Session 7
Panel Talk | On the Invisible, Cleanable, and Forgettable


“Drifting Realities: The Archipelago of Food Discourses” Series Session 6
Panel Talk | The Public Kitchen: Culinary Collaboration as a Metaphor for Collective Practice


"Immaterial / Re-material: A Brief History of Computing Art" Symposium


"Immaterial/Re-material: A Brief History of Computing Art" Series:
In Beijing from Paris: A Post-Covid Eye Calligraphy Project

2020.9.26 - 2020.9.27

"Drifting Realities: The Archipelago of Food Discourses" Series Session 5
Panel Talk | Digest First, Then Keep on Consuming?


UCCA Salon
The Complete Chopin Waltzes – Wu Muye Piano Recital World Tour