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UCCA Center for Contemporary Art operates as a museum accredited as a not-for-profit entity by the city of Beijing. It funds operations and programs through a range of revenue channels including ticketing and membership, individual giving, corporate sponsorship, institutional grants, and annual fundraising events.

Corporate Sponsors

Enterprises support and collaborate with UCCA in a variety of ways, from sponsoring exhibitions and programs to jointly developing projects. Sponsorship includes both cash and in-kind contributions, and can either be directed to specific UCCA projects, or take the form of an annual strategic partnership. Sponsorship brings a range of benefits, including brand placement and recognition, tax incentives, client cultivation opportunities, and art-adjacent marketing strategies.

Annual Support:
UCCA works together with our strategic partners who through annual contributions provide the institution with invaluable support in completing long-term, large-scale projects.
Lead Partner
Presenting Partner
Supporting Partner
Exhibition Sponsorship:
UCCA collaborates with a variety of sponsors and partners to stage artistically significant, logistically complex exhibitions. Our sponsors come from a wide range of fields, including financial institutions, technology companies, luxury brands, embassies, foundations, hotels, and travel agencies. Their generosity helps make our exhibitions a reality. Each sponsor receives a tailored package of benefits designed in collaboration with the UCCA development team.
Civilization: The Way We Live Now
Picasso – Birth of a Genius
Matthew Barney: Redoubt
Meditations in an Emergency
Elizabeth Peyton: Practice
Immaterial / Re-material: A Brief History of Computing Art
Mirage: Contemporary Art in Augmented Reality
The Eighth Huayu Youth Award Exhibition: A Long Hello
Cash contributions, whether made towards our annual fund or specific projects, constitute a valuable source of revenue for UCCA Center for Contemporary Art and UCCA Foundation for Art and Education. These donations support UCCA in its daily operations and long-term initiatives.
Gifts in-kind:
The contribution of goods and services, such as equipment for exhibitions, or speciality products for openings and special events, is of great assistance to UCCA. It can often form the basis of an exciting activation or collaboration for brands looking to position themselves in the art world.

Individual Giving

UCCA relies on the generosity of its individual donors to present its world-class program of exhibitions and initiatives to a public of more than a million visitors each year. Individual giving has an established history at UCCA: Founded in 2012, the UCCA Patrons Council was the first donor group of its kind in China. Having included more than fifty of China’s leading collectors and philanthropists, that group set the standard for individual engagement with contemporary art institutions in this rapidly evolving context.

Following its restructuring in 2018, UCCA introduced new levels of giving and new patrons groups.  If you are interested in supporting UCCA through one of these groups, please contact our development team at

UCCA Foundation Council

Including UCCA’s highest level of supporters, the Foundation Council is the governing body of the UCCA Foundation for Art and Education, the charitable foundation accredited by the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs in 2018 to support UCCA’s philanthropic and outreach initiatives. Committing to five-year terms, the 30 members of the Foundation Council provide support and guidance. Leaders in many fields of enterprise, they participate in quarterly meetings with senior management, and offer essential input on all aspects of UCCA’s operations and programming. Membership in the UCCA Foundation Council is by invitation only.

UCCA Foundation Council
Sarah CaoDio ChenJack ChenVivian Chen
Hallam ChowEugene TangPaul FangJason Jiang
Ivy LeFrank Lee & Chris XinLi LinMichael Li & Liang Tao
AleeLiu LanLily Liu & James QinMa Yin
Jerry Mao & Laura ShiGavin NiSha YeShang Yunhua
Derek & Michelle Leung SulgerCarmen TuGuy & Myriam UllensSimian Collection
Kenny WangJack & Susy WadsworthAlina XieYang Bin
Wendy YuZeng BaobaoZeng ZimoWu Meng & Zhang He
Herman Zhou

UCCA International Circle

Since its founding, UCCA has distinguished itself among art institutions in China for the breadth of its global outlook. Each year, UCCA collaborates with artists, scholars, curators, lenders, and museums around the world to deliver a truly international program to audiences in China. The UCCA International Circle is a dynamic, global community of supporters who share UCCA’s belief in art’s special ability to transcend boundaries and forge new outlooks, and serve as UCCA’s ambassadors on the world stage. Members provide vital support to exhibitions and programs, and in return receive exclusive access to events and experiences in Beijing and beyond, including specially tailored trips to explore key art scenes around the world.

UCCA International Circle
Princess Alia Al-SenussiDong TangrongDu YanNini Ge
Vince GuoCatriona JinJames LiLian Feng
Monique LeongLiu HongjianDiane Liu & George WangRichard Liu
Ma DongDino SadhwaniRobin WangWang Rui
Mei & Allan WarburgKevin WenHenry WuCici Xiang
Xie RongTony ZhangSherry ZhangCedric Zhao

UCCA Young Associates

Officially established in March 2019, UCCA Young Associates are an active and energetic community of dedicated art lovers from all different fields and age groups, focused on sharing the best of contemporary cultural life. Joining UCCA Young Associates grants each member a year of unique artistic experiences: through exclusive events and programs, those with a passion for art can meet like-minded peers, entering the world of contemporary art and exploring its limitless possibilities together. Membership expands global perspectives and leads to encounters that open up new, diverse cultural perspectives. UCCA Young Associates’ contributions also help UCCA explore new possibilities reaching out to emerging audiences, cultivating the future mainstays of the art community, and opening the door to art for a younger generation.

UCCA Young Associates
Allen AnAoran WangBi YuCai Yizhen
Chen AnyuBonnie ChenClaire ChenEva Chen
Chen WantingAva ChenChen YingzhouNyx Chen
Emilie ChenSamuel ChenKen ChenClick #15
Christy CuiLorina DengDanning NicholeKerry Du
Doris DuIris FangJames FangRebekah Fu
Fu XiaodongZiqing GaoDamon GuCandice Gu
Yod GuGuo YingJonathan HaHan Siqi
Han XinmingMichelle HeHe ZulinOlivier Hervet
Stephanie HongHu YiJulie HuangYaqiong Huang
William HuangJia HainingJustin JiangJiang Mengjie
Jin LingyuWeijia Chloe KongSherry LaiCandice Li
Jenna LiJay LiRachel LiLi Wen
Brandon LiLi XiateSpring LiRoman Lee
Li YuhanAndy LiLi ZonglinMoon Lin
Max LiuMellie LiuLiu qinminSylvia Liu
Dear LiuLiu WeiyanJenny LiuAmber Liu
Lu TingtingNaomi RuClaire MaNick Ma
Rory MaMa JingjingMa QingshanRainie Ma
Rene MeileLu MengLulu MengStella Miao
Lana NiPeng XuePu YiliuQiu Boqian
Jenny QuKerry QuJessica Yam Siu PingTom Shi
Song MoxinSong TeTimothy SoSunny Su
Sun BohanSun JiaxinMelody TairaChloe Teng
Tina TianElphe TuSimon TsaiPaula Tsai
Christian Johannes VossNicole WanMarble WangCHI
Celina WangLydia WangWang HainingMonica Wang
Wang HaoyangSally WangLotus WangJessica Wang
Wang TianyeAnnie WangKennen WangWang Yidan
Elaine WangWang YuelunZepeng WangWang Yi
Wei LingfeiFlora WuWu QianStella Wu
Wu YushanAyur WuAlda XieXiao Dun
Frank XuAndrea XuRebecca XuRita Xu
Xu ZichunBoBo XueYan WangGrace Yang
Yang RongTian D. YangYang YalinPoppy Yang
Shaway YehFiona YuYu QingxinVera Yu
原来是西门大嫂Yuan NingjieYun LeiDavid Zeng
Annabel ZhangZhang JingpingJason ZhangHenry Zhang
Wenzhao ZhangAmber ZhangAria ZhangHan Zheng
LiL HowRui ZhengZheng SiweiCelia Zheng
Zhou MiziZhou YunjieZhu KainingZhu Chao
JINGZhu YingZhu ZhuRex Zou
Zou Yitian1003 POLO


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The UCCA Gala, held annually on the first Sunday in November, is the Chinese art world’s answer to the Met Ball. A highlight of the Beijing social calendar, it is UCCA’s most important fundraising event of the year. UCCA Gala 2018 convened more than 650 supporters, and raised a total of more than RMB 10 million to support UCCA’s exhibitions, programs, and philanthropic initiatives.

The Gala raises money for UCCA exhibitions and initiatives in a number of ways. Corporate sponsors make financial and in-kind contributions to the organization of the event. Leading galleries and enterprises donate tables and invite guests. Artists who have previously worked with UCCA donate works which are offered in an exciting live auction. Most importantly, all guests are invited to contribute directly to UCCA’s work by making donations on-site.

Since the first Gala in 2012, UCCA has worked with a long list of artists and collaborators to produce some truly memorable events. Artistic direction has come from Xu Zhen/MadeIn Company, Lu Hao, Polit-Sheer-Form, Wang Jianwei, and Chewing Theory. If you are interested in sponsoring the Gala, buying a table, donating a work, or otherwise getting involved, please contact us at

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Hold an Event

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UCCA’s dramatic post-industrial spaces can serve as the perfect backdrop for many different kinds of events. Whether you’re looking to host a reception and after-hours private viewing of a UCCA exhibition, to stage an off-site meeting, product launch, or even a special celebration, UCCA can provide you with professionally-equipped spaces boasting a unique, avant-garde atmosphere. 

Freshly renovated by OMA in 2019, UCCA is housed in Bauhaus-influenced factory chambers built in the 1950s, featuring a series of exhibition spaces including the signature Great Hall, in addition to meeting rooms and an auditorium. All spaces are furnished with professional lightning, internet connectivity, and the climate and humidity control systems required for any exhibition or event. UCCA may also assist you in planning structured events, such as a “Museum Night,” which combines an evening reception with a private exhibition tour, crafting a night to remember for corporate clients or other large groups. To enquire about hosting an event, please contact us at

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