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UCCA Center for Contemporary Art operates as a museum accredited as a not-for-profit entity by the city of Beijing. It funds operations and programs through a range of revenue channels including ticketing and membership, individual giving, corporate sponsorship, institutional grants, and annual fundraising events.

Corporate Sponsors

Enterprises support and collaborate with UCCA in a variety of ways, from sponsoring exhibitions and programs to jointly developing projects. Sponsorship includes both cash and in-kind contributions, and can either be directed to specific UCCA projects, or take the form of an annual strategic partnership. Sponsorship brings a range of benefits, including brand placement and recognition, tax incentives, client cultivation opportunities, and art-adjacent marketing strategies.

Annual Support:
Matthew Barney: Redoubt
Picasso – Birth of a Genius
Civilization: The Way We Live Now
Xu Bing: Thought and Method
Sarah Morris: Odysseus Factor
UCCA works together with our strategic partners who through annual contributions provide the institution with invaluable support in completing long-term, large-scale projects.
Exhibition Sponsorship:
UCCA collaborates with a variety of sponsors and partners to stage artistically significant, logistically complex exhibitions. Our sponsors come from a wide range of fields, including financial institutions, technology companies, luxury brands, embassies, foundations, hotels, and travel agencies. Their generosity helps make our exhibitions a reality. Each sponsor receives a tailored package of benefits designed in collaboration with the UCCA development team.
Cash contributions, whether made towards our annual fund or specific projects, constitute a valuable source of revenue for UCCA Center for Contemporary Art and UCCA Foundation for Art and Education. These donations support UCCA in its daily operations and long-term initiatives.
Gifts in-kind:
The contribution of goods and services, such as equipment for exhibitions, or speciality products for openings and special events, is of great assistance to UCCA. It can often form the basis of an exciting activation or collaboration for brands looking to position themselves in the art world.

Individual Giving

UCCA relies on the generosity of its individual donors to present its world-class program of exhibitions and initiatives to a public of more than a million visitors each year. Individual giving has an established history at UCCA: Founded in 2012, the UCCA Patrons Council was the first donor group of its kind in China. Having included more than fifty of China’s leading collectors and philanthropists, that group set the standard for individual engagement with contemporary art institutions in this rapidly evolving context.

Following its restructuring in 2018, UCCA introduced new levels of giving and new patrons groups. Each group If you are interested in supporting UCCA through one of these groups, please contact our development team at

UCCA Foundation Council

Including UCCA’s highest level of supporters, the Foundation Council is the governing body of the UCCA Foundation for Art and Education, the charitable foundation accredited by the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs in 2018 to support UCCA’s philanthropic and outreach initiatives. Committing to five-year terms, the 30 members of the Foundation Council provide support and guidance. Leaders in many fields of enterprise, they participate in quarterly meetings with senior management, and offer essential input on all aspects of UCCA’s operations and programming. Membership in the UCCA Foundation Council is by invitation only.

Founding Members of the Council are designated by an asterisk.

UCCA Foundation Council

Dio Chen

Jack Chen

Hallam Chow

Gary Gao & Paige Xu

Jason JiangIvy Le *Li Lin *Alee
Liu Junjun *Liu Lan *Lily Liu & James Qin*Ma Yin
Jerry Mao *Gavin Ni

Amy Ren & Steven Ge 

Sha Ye

Derek & Michelle Leung Sulger *

Tian Jun *

Carmen Tu

Guy & Myriam Ullens *

Simian Collection

Jack & Susy Wadsworth *

Wang Jun *

Alina Xie *
Yang Bin *

Wendy Yu

Zeng Baobao *

Zeng Zimo *
Wu Meng & Zhang He
Herman Zhou

UCCA International Circle

Since its founding, UCCA has distinguished itself among art institutions in China for the breadth of its global outlook. Each year, UCCA collaborates with artists, scholars, curators, lenders, and museums around the world to deliver a truly international program to audiences in China. The UCCA International Circle is a dynamic, global community of supporters who share UCCA’s belief in art’s special ability to transcend boundaries and forge new outlooks, and serve as UCCA’s ambassadors on the world stage. Members provide vital support to exhibitions and programs, and in return receive exclusive access to events and experiences in Beijing and beyond, including specially tailored trips to explore key art scenes around the world.

UCCA International Circle

Princess Alia Al-Senussi

Du Yan

Nini Ge

Vince Guo

Jiang Peiming

James Li

Lin Yunsong

Liu Hongjian

Diane Liu & George Wang
Ma Dong

Dino Sadhwani

Shen Chen

Wang Bin

Wang Rui
Kevin Wen
Wu Xinzhu
BoBo Xue
Tony Zhang

UCCA Young Associates

Officially established in March 2019, UCCA Young Associates are an active and energetic community of dedicated art lovers from all different fields and age groups, focused on sharing the best of contemporary cultural life. Joining UCCA Young Associates grants each member a year of unique artistic experiences: through exclusive events and programs, those with a passion for art can meet like-minded peers, entering the world of contemporary art and exploring its limitless possibilities together. Membership expands global perspectives and leads to encounters that open up new, diverse cultural perspectives. UCCA Young Associates’ contributions also help UCCA explore new possibilities reaching out to emerging audiences, cultivating the future mainstays of the art community, and opening the door to art for a younger generation.

UCCA Young Associates

Bonnie Chen

Emilie Chen

Chen Zihao


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Danning Nichole
Doris Du
Iris Fang
James Fang
Candice Gu
Damon Gu
Yod Gu

Han Chunyang

Han Xinming

He Zulin

Olivier Hervet

Stephanie Hong

Julie Huang

William Huang

Weijia Chloe Kong

Jiang Mengjie

Sherry Lai

Roman Lee 

Andy Li

Candice Li
Li Duoduo

Jay Li

Jenna Li

Rachel Li

Li Xiate

Li Zonglin

Moon Lin

Boni Liu

Dear Liu

Max Liu

Mellie Liu

Jenny Liu

Claire Ma

Ma Jingjing

Rory Ma

Rene Meile
Stella Miao
Christopher Min
Lana Ni

Peng Xue

Kerry Qu

Jenny Qu

Naomi Ru

Timothy So

Song Moxin

Song Te

Su Min

Su Jun

Melody Taira

Tina Tian

Elphe Tu

Paula Tsai

Christian Johannes Voss
Alex Wang
Annie Wang

Elaine Wang

Lydia Wang

Wang Haining 

Sally Wang

Wang Tianye
Ayur Wu
Eva Wu
Flora Wu
Alda Xie
Rebecca Xu
Rita Xu
 Yang Rong
Tian D. Yang
Shaway Yeh
Yu Qingxin
Yu Anbing
Vera Yu
Amber Zhang
Henry Zhang
Josh Zhang
Jason Zhang
Sophie Zhang
Zhao Wenxi 
Rui Zheng
Vincent Zheng
Zhou Jie
Zhou Mizi
Zhu Kaining
Zhu Zhu 
Rex Zou

UCCA Gala 2019: From Bauhaus to Our House

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Released November 3, 2019

On November 3, 2019 UCCA Center for Contemporary Art presents its annual gala, with the theme of “From Bauhaus to Our House.” Held annually on the first Sunday of every November, the gala is UCCA’s most important fundraising event of the year, as well as a highlight of the social calendar for the arts community in Beijing and further afield. This year’s gala brings a special focus on the strengthening and expansion of UCCA Foundation’s philanthropic and academic initiatives, with all proceeds going towards its efforts in these areas. UCCA will welcome over 500 of its closest friends and supporters, showing their support of the museum’s mission as a socially-responsible, public-facing art institution, all while enjoying an unforgettable evening of art, culture, and fine food and wine. 

UCCA Gala 2019 theme pays tribute to the Bauhaus School, which celebrates its centenary this year. Since its founding in Weimar in 1919, the Bauhaus has reshaped modern life through its exhortation towards creative and liberated thinking, and integration of art and design into daily life. These values have directly influenced UCCA’s core beliefs that art can deepen lives and transcend boundaries, ideals towards which it has been striving since its founding in 2007. Underscoring the museum’s connection with the Bauhaus, UCCA Beijing is housed in factory chambers built in the 1950s and designed by East German architects of the Dessau Design Institute, the postwar successor to the Bauhaus Dessau. It is in the inspiring architectural setting of its Open Gallery that UCCA has invited leading representatives of its community, from across diverse disciplines and industries, to come together and celebrate its continued efforts promoting deeper cultural exchange between China and the wider world, and sharing the power of art with an ever-growing audience. 

So far this year, UCCA has staged 9 exhibitions featuring artists from China and abroad, from emerging voices to modern masters. The landmark exhibition “Picasso – Birth of a Genius,” undertaken in collaboration with the Musée national Picasso-Paris, stands as the most significant exhibition of the artist in China to date. The highest levels of both the Chinese and French governments have recognized the exhibition as a milestone in the history of cultural exchange between the two nations. Other exhibitions include “Civilization: The Way We Live Now,” a comprehensive portrait of contemporary life through the medium of photography, the two-part survey “Society Guidance,” a critical review of the development of Chinese contemporary art in the 1990s, and solo shows for Qiu Zhijie and Yu Honglei. UCCA was also proud to present the first solo exhibition in China for the groundbreaking contemporary artist Matthew Barney. UCCA’s second museum, UCCA Dune, in Aranya in Beidaihe, celebrated its first anniversary in 2019. Continuing its curatorial focus on reimagining of the relationship between humans and nature, the museum hosted group exhibitions “Land of the Lustrous” and “Notes from Pallet Town.” 

In addition to the aforementioned exhibitions, UCCA has thus far in 2019 hosted 240 public events, including discussions, workshops, and other programs for academic exchange, actively locating Chinese contemporary art within a global context. Over the course of its comprehensive restructuring in 2018, UCCA successful transitioned from the model of a founder-operated private museum to that of a true non-profit organization. Continuing its efforts in this arena and reflecting its status as a leader amongst Chinese art institutions, over the coming year UCCA will steadfastly continue the development of its academic programs, through special research, publications, and art education projects, as well the establishment of the UCCA Library, which will provide an invaluable resource for not only the museum’s curatorial and research teams, but also for scholars, students, and the wider public. Featuring a range of physical and electronic materials drawn from or related to UCCA’s institutional history, Chinese art, and contemporary culture in general, the UCCA Library shall make these important resources accessible to a larger audience. 

UCCA’s 2018 formal accreditation as a museum from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, and licensing as the non-profit Beijing UCCA Art Foundation, have also expanded its perspective beyond its role as a culturally influential museum; the institution has a new awareness of its social responsibility and ability to make a difference in community welfare. Under the banner of the initiative “Opening the Door to Art,” aimed at spreading art to children from underserved communities, in 2019 UCCA Foundation launched the philanthropic programs “UCCA Junior Docents,” and “The Way to Genius,” among others. From January to October, 2019, UCCA Foundation completed more than 50 charity events for children, collaborating with more than twenty two different schools and institutions, giving around 2000 young students the opportunity to experience art education for the first time. Over the exhibition period of “Picasso – Birth of a Genius,” 28 Junior Docents guided more than 17, 380 guests through the exhibition, including 1067 of their peers, who had never had the chance to visit an art museum before. Furthermore, UCCA Foundation has worked together with the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Red Cross China, and the China Women’s Development Foundation to stage philanthropic events, tours, and art education classes, striving to bring art to children in some of China’s most remote areas, sharing art’s transformative power with them and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

As such, while in previous years the UCCA Gala has been a key source of support for the museum’s daily operations, this year proceeds from the evening will exclusively go towards UCCA Foundation’s academic and philanthropic programs. The highlight of the evening will be the Benefit Auction, featuring generously donated work from 22 artists both local and international, who have either exhibited at UCCA or otherwise serve as important members of the museum’s close-knit, global community. Listed in alphabetical order, they are: Chen Chenchen, Chen Fei, Leelee Chan, Chen Xi, Daniel Arsham, Matthew Barney, Francesco Bonami, Gao Ludi, Guo Hongwei, Hong Hao, Huang Qitan, Ju Ting, Li Jingxiong, Lin Ke, Julia Long, Wang Huangsheng, Wen Yipei, Wu Shanzhuan, Yu Hong, Yu Honglei, Yuan Yuan, and Zhang Zipiao. UCCA is honored to welcome Felix Kwok, Sotheby’s Asia Director, to serve as auctioneer for the evening.

Besides the charity auction, and other donation opportunities, the UCCA Gala 2019 will for the first time feature a silent auction, offering the chance to bid on a number of exciting rewards and services to further support UCCA's outreach programs. Guests will also have the opportunity to join UCCA’s individual giving programs, including UCCA Contemporary Circle, or UCCA Young Associates, a new grouping launched in March 2019 with a focus on supporting the work of emerging artists. As an independent and public-facing art institution, UCCA is dedicated to contributing to the ongoing development of Chinese contemporary art. All funds raised at UCCA Gala 2019 will be used to support the continued growth of UCCA's academic and philanthropic programs.

Creative direction for this year’s UCCA Gala is provided by United Design Lab. UCCA thanks auction partner Sotheby’s and auctioneer Kelvin Kwok. Transportation and handling for the Benefit Auction artworks is provided by EAA Art. Clivet provides exclusive climate control support. Rosewood Beijing provides event support and SHEDE Spirits is the exclusive spirits partner for UCCA Gala 2019. UCCA thanks East Imperial, Peddlers Gin Company, and WinetoChina for special support. UCCA also thanks Action Media for video support, and Huiyiguanjia for technology support.  

This year’s Gala Dinner receives support from the following organizations or individuals who are hosting tables (in alphabetical order):

Foundation Table: 
ART021, Bloomberg, Budweiser, Centrium Capital, Da Shi Hang Auto Co., David Zwirner, Focus Media, Gagosian, Gladstone Gallery, Hauser & Wirth, KWM Art Center and Massimo De Carlo, Long March Space, and Sotheby’s.

Contemporary Table:
Antenna Space and Xavier Hufkens, Beijing Contemporary, Boers-Li Gallery and Sadie Coles HQ, Christie’s, Esther Schipper, Galerie Urs Meile, Gallery Weekend Beijing, Magician Space and Galerie Chantal Crousel, Michael Werner, Phillips, Triumph Gallery, Tang Contemporary Art, White Cube, and White Space Beijing.

About UCCA
UCCA Center for Contemporary Art is China’s leading contemporary art institution. Committed to the belief that art can deepen lives and transcend boundaries, UCCA presents a wide range of exhibitions, public programs, and research initiatives to a public of more than one million visitors each year. UCCA Beijing sits at the heart of the 798 Art District, occupying 10,000 square meters of factory chambers built in 1957 and regenerated in 2019 by OMA. UCCA Dune, designed by Open Architecture, lies beneath the sand in the seaside enclave of Aranya in Beidaihe. Formally accredited as a museum by the Beijing Cultural Bureau in 2018, UCCA also operates non-profit foundations, licensed by the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs and the Hong Kong government. UCCA’s commercial ventures include the retail platform UCCA Store, the children’s education initiative UCCA Kids, and collaborations and projects under the rubric UCCA Lab. Opened in 2007 and revived by a committed group of Chinese and international patrons in 2017, UCCA works to bring China into global dialogue through contemporary art.

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Hold an Event

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UCCA’s dramatic post-industrial spaces can serve as the perfect backdrop for many different kinds of events. Whether you’re looking to host a reception and after-hours private viewing of a UCCA exhibition, to stage an off-site meeting, product launch, or even a special celebration, UCCA can provide you with professionally-equipped spaces boasting a unique, avant-garde atmosphere. 

Freshly renovated by OMA in 2019, UCCA is housed in Bauhaus-influenced factory chambers built in the 1950s, featuring a series of exhibition spaces including the signature Great Hall, in addition to meeting rooms and an auditorium. All spaces are furnished with professional lightning, internet connectivity, and the climate and humidity control systems required for any exhibition or event. UCCA may also assist you in planning structured events, such as a “Museum Night,” which combines an evening reception with a private exhibition tour, crafting a night to remember for corporate clients or other large groups. To enquire about hosting an event, please contact us at

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