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Zhou Xinfang and Ma Lianliang: Art and Friendship


Location:  UCCA Auditorium
Language:  In Chinese Only

Zhou Xinfang and Ma Lianliang are two of the most recognizable figures in the history of Beijing opera, and their respective styles of the Qi School and Ma School remain geographically prescient to this day—Qi of the South and Ma of the North. Their emphasis on characterization and pursuit of innovation was all embracing and brought new life to the stage. They cooperated on several performances, and off stage they were the best of friends. Taking advantage of the exhibition “Michael Chow: Voice for My Father,” a show not only featuring the art of Michael Chow but also that of his father Zhou Xinfang, UCCA has invited Michael Chow, Xiao Runzeng, famed performer and successor of the Qi School, and Du Peng, an equally recognized performer and successor of the Ma School, to discuss the art and friendship of Zhou Xinfang and Ma Lianliang and the inheritance of their respective styles. Xiao Runzen and Du Peng will also perform selected works representative of their backgrounds.

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Xiao Runzeng (Beijing opera performer)

Xiao Runzeng is a famed actor and National First Class Performer, having already received a government endowment. A member of the Liyuan family and representative of the Qi School in Beijing theater, Xiao Runzeng is also member of the Zhou Xinfang Research Association. In 1959, he was sent to Shanghai to study under Zhou Xinfang and later relocated to Beijing.

Du Peng (professor, Chinese Opera Institute)

Du Peng is a National First Class Performer and professor at the Chinese Opera Institute.

Michael Chow

An expressionist painter firmly rooted in Chinese tradition, Michael Chow (b. 1939, Shanghai) returned to making art in 2012 after a 50-year radical sabbatical. Having grown up in a storied Shanghai household in the 1940s, Chow was sent to London at the age of thirteen, leaving behind everything familiar to him. After studying art and architecture at St. Martin’s and showing his work in the art scene of the 1960s, he went on to open the first of the iconic MR CHOW restaurants that now span the globe. Despite his success, there has always remained a void in his heart that could only be filled with painting. Michael has finally picked up the brush and Yinghua has returned to his childhood home.