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Visual Thinking: The Creation of Harmony


Location:  UCCA Workshop
Language:  In Chinese only

Straddling the artistic traditions of both Eastern abstract brushwork and Western color sensibility, Xu Jianguo has melded both techniques to create works that push the boundaries of contemporary art. Xu’s unique medium, rice paper with sumi ink, watercolor, acrylics, and oil paints, testifies to his cross-cultural heritage. In this lecture, Xu will talk about his practice and views on art. Together with philosopher Chai Zhongjian, he will explore how an artist can creatively integrate the spirit and ethics of traditional Chinese culture with Western art and philosophy, forming one’s own unique style.

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Keynote Speaker

Xu Jianguo was recognized as a talented artist by master painter Ye Zhihao at age ten, after which he received years of training in classical Chinese art. In 1980, after China opened its doors, American art critics recognized Xu’s artistic maturation, combining a mastery of Chinese artistic traditions with an exploration of Western art and techniques. His works were exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum, Smith College Museum of Art, and other institutions across the United States. He received a fellowship from Bard College, where he earned his MFA in 1987. Xu, now an American citizen, continues to be represented in solo shows in New York and has exhibited worldwide.

Guest Speakers

Chai Zhongjian


U.S. Embassy, Beijing