UCCA Beijing

UCCA MakerLAB Talking: Tom Cat

13:30 - 17:00

Location:  UCCA Salon
Language:  Chinese and English


Do you remember Apple’s iPhone app Talking Tom Cat? The precocious pet was an interactive companion for the digital age. In our August MakerLAB, we will make a real-life version of a “Tom Cat” with the help of robotics expert Nille. Participants will assemble their own pets and have the chance to make a short stop-motion film with their new robotic friends.

Relevant Technology

Arduino is a convenient, flexible, open-source platform used to create interactive electronics. Includes hardware (all types of Arduino plates) and software (Arduino IDE) components. Arduino is perfect for artists, designers,and anyone interested in interactive objects.

Lab Package

Stuffed animals

Arduino Mini

Battery box

DuPont Line

Wires, screws, and nuts

PVC bracket

UCCA MakerLAB is a joint education program held by Beijing Makerspace and UCCA. This series of workshops celebrates the idea of making while learning, combining technology, design, and art. Every workshop consists of a 30 minute introduction and a 3-5 hour hands-on building project done individually or in a team.


Please call +86 10 57800200 from Tuesday to Friday 11:00-18:00 to book. Please note that you can only book 1 seat at a time.

Members can also book by sending an email to members@


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