UCCA Beijing


13:30 - 17:00

Location:  UCCA Pavilion
Language:  Chinese and English


Program introduction

In the fourth round of UCCA MakerLAB, we used mind+ and arduino together to draw an interactive animation on 8*8 dot matrix LED screen in the fourth experiment in the laboratory. Both dot matrix LED screen and pixel image are the oldest technologies in the computer realm, from which the popular 8 bit art in the recent years is generated. In this workshop, participants need to connect a simple circuit-controlling screen with their own hands, and design a small animation.

Technology involved

Arduino, a convenient, flexible and easy-to-use platform for open source electronic prototype, includes hardware (all types of Arduino plates) and software (Arduino IDE). It is suitable for artists, designers, enthusiasts and those who are interested in “interaction”.

Mind+ is an Arduino visual programming environment, which is developed by our countrymen. You just need to select the corresponding elements, for example, Link Up Free, and connect different components, then you can control your Arduino plate and all the sensors easily, there is no need of any programming foundation.

Programme Notes

Participants are required to carry laptop.

Lab package

A piece of Arduino Mini

An 8*8 lattice LED display

A strip of USB cable

Lithium ion battery

About UCCA MakerLAB

MakerLAB is a joint education program hold by Beijing Makerspace and UCCA. The event is a series of workshops that celebrate the idea of making while learning, and the practice of combining technology, design and art. Every workshop is consist of a 30 mins introduction and a 3-5 hour hands on building experience on one selected project. The project could be done individually or in a team.

Workshops are suitable for all aged over 10.

Participants over 10 year old are all welcomed to join our Lab, but kids and teenagers under 16 should be accompanied by their parents.

Reservations required.

From Tuesday to Friday 11:00-18:00 please call +86 10 5780 0200 to book. Please note that you can only book 1 seat at a time.