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2018.2.7 - 2018.12.31

Love art, know art, teach art.

Be the expert!

What is a UCCA Docent?

UCCA strives to make contemporary art accessible to everyone. We want each UCCA visitor to go home having learned something, and the best way to ensure this is through our docents, trained guides who are passionate about art, giving in-depth explanations of, and answering questions about, our exhibitions. When you volunteer as a docent, you are dedicating your time and enthusiasm to studying the creative practices of our exhibiting artists and, in turn, sharing your knowledge with others through tours.

How do I become a UCCA Docent?

The UCCA Docent training program involves reading and independent research, as well as on-site training where you will meet, and learn from, top artists and curators. Attendance will be required at private lectures and on-site tours given by exhibiting artists. The training program will ensure that you are confident in your public speaking abilities, familiar with the history of UCCA and 798, and fully equipped to engage all types of visitors in artistic discourse.

What qualifies me to be a UCCA Docent?

1. You are good at communicating, love art, and want to serve your community.

2. You are at least 18 years old.

3. You live in Beijing.

What are the time requirements?

Docents are required to attend all exhibition-related training sessions. During exhibition service , you will work no fewer than 30 hours, or 4 sessions each lasting at least 4 hours.

What do I do now?

Our docent recruitment periods are: February 7 to March 7, June 13 to July 13, and September 14 to October 14.

During the recruitment period, please email your application and resume to docents@ucca.org.cn and title it "UCCA Docent Application + Name.”

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