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UCCA Art Film Screening: Documentary Four Springs Screening and Talk


Location:  Auditorium
Language:  Film: Guizhou Dushan Dialect (with Chinese and English subtitles) Talk: Chinese only

Director Lu Qingyi’s first documentary feature, Four Springs, took five years to complete. Shot from a first-person perspective, the film captures the everyday lives of the director’s parents in a small rural town. Their personalities, sometimes straightforward, sometimes dramatic, reflect their belief in living unrestrained, naturalistic lives. This “family movie” about an unconventional family will make audiences reflect on their own relatives’ idiosyncrasies. UCCA invites Director Lu Qinyi, writer Deng Anqi, artist Liu Yaohua, and columnist Xu Qinan for a post-screening discussion, during which Director Lu Qinyi will reveal his creative process for the film.



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Lu Qingyi (Director)

Lu Qingyi was born in the town of Mawei in Dushan County, Guizhou Province. At the age of 16 Lu left his hometown for Beijing, and is currently engaged in filmmaking.

Deng Anqi (Writer)

Born in 1984 in Wuxue, Hubei Province, Deng Anqi published novels include Kingdom on the Paper (2011), Soft Distance (2013), and Candy in the Mountains (2016).

Liu Yaohua (Artist)

Liu Yaohua graduated with a Masters from the Department of Architecture at Chang’an University, and has since worked as an architect, artist’s assistant, and magazine editor, as well as in a number of jobs in the contemporary art field.

Xu Qinan (Columnist)

Xu Qinan hails from Jiangsu, and now resides in Shenzhen. Xu is the author of the column “Cultural Phenomena,” and has been a long-standing supporter of research in cultural history, theater, and film. Her research currently focuses on cultural heritage sites.

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