UCCA Beijing

ON | OFF Public Program Series: Self-Made, Self-Said Art Groups: New Analysts Group, Big Tail Elephant Group, Polit-Sheer-Form


Location:  UCCA Auditorium
Language:  In Chinese only

UCCA is proud to present the public program series of “ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice”, consisting of “Self-made, Self-said” and “Ways and Means.”

In “Self-made, Self-said”, the curators invite founders and key members of various art groups, organizations, and projects to join them in discussions concerning “Self-made” practice and structure.

The first forum invites founder members of New Analysts Group, Big Tail Elephant Group, and Polit-Sheer-Form, looking at the vicissitudes of self-made organizations in the last three decades.


Ticket required. See Ticketing & Participation*.


Wang Luyan (artist)

Chen Shaoxiong (artist)

Xiao Yu (artist)


Bao Dong (curator)

Sun Dongdong (curator)

Self-made bios

New Analysts Group was founded by Wang Luyan, Gu Dexin, and Chen Shaoping in 1988 in Beijing. It is one of the most important groups working on conceptual art in ’85 New Wave movement. The group disbanded in 1995.

Big Tail Elephant Group was founded by Chen Shaoxiong, Liang Juhui, and Lin Yilin in early 1990s in Guangzhou. The group presents works through performance, installation, and general mediums, concerning subjects on urban development.

Polit-Sheer-Form was founded by a group of artists including Hong Hao, Xiao Yu, Liu Jianhua, Song Dong, and Leng Lin in 2005 in Beijing. The artistis work collectively under the concept of “politics of pure forms.”