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In such a restless society, is it possible for us to move toward the modern again? Does industrial civilization and its regime reduce our imagination and cultural perceptivity? The magazine Modernsky was founded in the late 1990s. Its avant-garde design and unique editing concepts reflected the most active young generation at that time. The spirit of defiance and creation impressed a number of artistic young people, who have now become considerable figures in the Chinese art world. The magazine will be back in public view in September 2017. The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) invites Shen Lihui, CEO of Modernsky, and its incumbent chief editor WUSANWUWU to reveal the unknown difficulties that existed behind the making of the magazine. Meanwhile, as a faithful reader of Modernsky as well as its columnist, You Yang, deputy director of UCCA, will discuss with the guests how the magazine was able to deeply influence the youth of the 1980s, and how independent underground culture was able to ferment at that time.

How can music magazines keep up with the times while maintaining its modernity and independency? How will the success of network variety show The Rap of China (2017) influence the future development of Chinese hip-hop? The popular young rapper Young Jack will also share his experience as a hip-hop musician, and about his identity within a rapidly changing environment.

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Shen Lihui (CEO of Modernsky)

Shen Lihui is CEO of Modernsky. He formed the band Sober and acted as lead vocalist in 1987, and established a record company named Modernsky in 1997. The company used to publish both magazines and books. He organized the Modernsky Festival in 2007, and organized the annual Strawberry Music Festival since 2009. He also set up the Fat Art exhibition, and started a crossover art project named “Island” during that period. Shen is now organizing various art and cultural projects such as “Modernsky Lab” and Modernsky magazine.

WUSANWUWU (Media Content Director of Modernsky)

WUSANWUWU is the media content director of Modernsky. He is also the founder and anchor of Internet podcast “Bad FM”.

Young Jack (Rapper)

Young Jack is a popular rapper of the new generation. He signed with label MDSK of Modernsky in early 2017.

You Yang (UCCA Deputy Director, Columnist, Curator)

Currently Deputy Director of UCCA, You Yang has 10 years experience in museum management, writing, curating, cultural event planning, public relations, marketing and fund raising. Complementing his wide range of marketing and management experience, You Yang is also a published author and art critic with more than one hundred journal articles and catalogue essays to his credit.