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Body Architect Performance Training Workshop Master Class

2018.8.24 - 2018.8.26

Location:  Workshop
Language:  Chinese with English translation

UCCA invites the founder and artistic director of Xin-Art-Lab, Shi Jingxin, to conduct a three-day master class from August 24-26, centered on her original performance training method: Body Architecture.

Shi Jingxin has been developing the “Zen—Moving Point” training method in Body Architecture since 2011, when she livedin New York. The method has its roots in the Chinese traditional dance she was exposed to as a child, and has been fused with techniques and concepts she learned while studying in Paris and at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. The method emphasizes the need for the body and spirit to “start from zero.” Only when one has achieved an internal balance and calm, will it be possible to achieve complete understanding and control of one’s body.

During this master class, students will be introduced to the the “Zen—Moving Point” training method in Body Architecture, and given the opportunity to reassess their understanding of their bodies. This workshop is also open towards beginners with no previous dance experience.


Regular Set Ticket: 1800 RMB

Early Bird Set Ticket: 1620 RMB

Members Set Ticket: 1400 RMB

Student Set Ticket: 1260 RMB

Early bird ticket cut off day: August 15

*Participants should be 16 years old or older;

*Enjoy UCCA Member ticket prices with the purchase of a yearly membership card (RMB 300);

*Please no late entry, participants over 30 minutes late will not be allowed to enter;

*Participants should wear comfortable clothing and shoes that allow for movement;

*Please keep mobile devices on silent during the duration of the workshop;

*All the ticket are not allowed to be refunded or exchanged.


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8.24/Fri. 18:00-21:00

8.25/Sat. 14:00-17:00

8.26/Sun. 14:00-17:00


Shi Jingxin (Xin-Art-Labs Founder and Artistic Director)

Shi Jingxin graduated from the Choreography Department at Beijing Dance Academy, staying on afterwards to teach. After being invited to join the Performance Department at Shanghai Theatre Academy, she began researching acting and performance. She has studied contemporary dance choreography in France under Susan Buirge, and performance with Richard Schechner in the United States, founding Xin-Art-Lab in 2009. Shi createdthe “Body Architect Zen-moving Point” training method in 2012, the “Body Narrative” performance technique in 2015, and the “Body Museum” series in 2018. Her major works include “Qi-qi,” “Reunion,” “Female Narrative Trilogy,” “Stay Alive,” “Xia Xie Bo Wa,” “Emptiness Dancing,” “O’s Family,” and “Place of Memory.” She was invited to participate in Italy’s Aperto Festival and Teatro dell’Artc Milano, National Centre for the Performing Arts’ “Twelve Days of Dance” festival, and Festival Croisements, organized by the French Embassy in China. Shi performed in the China Art Museum and Power Station of Art in Shanghai, and Beijing’s Minsheng Art Museum.



“Xin-Art-Labs” is an independent creative team founded in 2009 seeking to push the boundaries of contemporary dance in China.

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