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“Adventures with Picasso” Series
A Great Painter’s Cartoon Life


Location:  Auditorium

Pablo is a graphic novel created by Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie that captures the brief but vibrant life and career of Picasso in Paris from 1900 to 1907. The Guardian wrote: “what a beautiful thing it [the book] is. Every frame is full of colour; every speech bubble crackles with life. You can almost smell the tobacco, the fish soup, the turpentine.” The Chinese translation of the graphic novel was published last year in 2018. Its humorous tone allows readers to not only appreciate the tumultuousness of Picasso’s romances, but also explore modern art history by the banks of the Seine River in Paris.


On June 16, 2019, UCCA invites the editor of France’s Dargaud Press Gizel De Anna, UCCA researcher Huang Jiehua, and the cartoonist Tango to introduce Pablo, and discuss the historical background for the comic book. Graphic novel translator Wei Meng will moderate the talk.


Gizel de Anna (Comic Editor at Dargaud Press)

Gizel de Anna began her editorial career at the Albin Michel Press in France in 1988, when she was the editor-in-chief of the comic magazine “Prairie Echo.” She has been responsible for the work of many graphic novelists, such as Jean-Marc Rochette (Le Transperceneige, Edmond Le Cochon) and Kabi (The Tall Dudus, The Fool is Among Us). In 2008, Gizel joined Dargaud, and has been in charge of several comic series, such as Jul’s Flint City, and Julie Bierman and Clemente Ubres’ Isadora Duncan and Rene Stone. The comics edited and published by Anna have been published in many countries. Among them, works translated into Chinese are: Platon La Gaffe written by Jul and Charles Pepin, and Pablo, a graphic novel created by Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie depicting Picasso’s life from 1900 to 1907. Both were translated and published by theHou Lang Publishing House.


Tango (Comic Artist)

Tango works in advertising during the day, and moonlights as a comic artist. Tango started the series “One Drawing a Day” on his Weibo microblog @tango2010, and now has over 1,400,000 fans. The English translation of his graphic novel Backside of the Moon, and the French translation of Dream On have already been released in North America and France.


Huang Jiehua (Translator, Researcher at UCCA)

Huang Jiehua received a Bachelor’s degree in French at Peking University, and a Master’s degree in Art History at Ecole du Louvre. She joined UCCA’s Research department in 2018. Her translated works include Vincent and Van Gogh (Hou LangPublishing House), Le Chien Qui Louche (Hou Lang Publishing House), and Exploring the Past: The Origin of Archaeology(Peking University Press).


Wei Meng (Translator)

A nuclear chemical engineer, Wei Meng lives and works in Beijing. Wei enjoys reading European graphic novels, as well as official and unofficial accounts of art history and music history. Wei has translated over ten European graphic novels, written reviews for others, and selected graphic novels and art books offerings for book stores.


Institut Français de Chine (SCAC-IFC)

Institut Français de Chine is responsible for implementing policies that share French culture (art, books, film and television), as well as those that focus on language, higher education, and science. Their Culture and Education department organizes Festival Croisements every spring. Having begun in 2006, the festival has become an important overseas event for France, and the largest foreign cultural festival in China.


Institut Français de Pékin

Institut Français de Pékin is under the direct leadership of the Culture and Education Department. As the organizer for a range of cultural events (screening, talks, exhibitions, workshops, reading clubs) that are held in their building, Institut Français de Pékin also houses a multimedia library, and the offices for the Campus France and Alliance Français.


Hou Lang Publishing House

Hou Lang Publishing House was established in 2006. Over 13 years it has gradually developed a complete step by step process for publishing, including editing, design, production, printing, storage, publicity, and sales. They have published nearly 2000 books in a range of fields, such as history, philosophy, traditional culture, political science, humanities, classical linguistics, geography, medical science, literature, film, theater, art, photography, music, cartoon, mass media, lifestyle, management, and children’s books.