2015.6.12 - 2015.7.31

Location:  UCCASTORE

From June 12 to July 31, the UCCASTORE presents the "Base." Planned by esteemed curator and UCCASTORE Art Committee member Sun Dongdong, the exhibition contains forty-two works from fifteen contemporary Chinese artists, including: Cai Dongdong, Chen Jie, Guo Hongwei, Gong Jian, Hu Weiyi, Li Fuchun, Liu Weiwei, Liu Xia, Su Wenxiang, Sun Xinyu, Tan Tian, Xue Wenwen, Yang Jiang, Yang Junling, and Ye Funa.

"The rise of China" has become one of most internationally discussed topics in the twenty-first century. From a radical political revolution towards a practical national administration, the Chinese economy under the titles of "Socialism" or "Capitalism," is oriented towards "de-politicized" pragmatism that breaks from existing social ideology. "Base determines superstructure" is a classic Marxist principle. Reflected in daily Chinese language, the line is usually expressed in the secular context to demonstrate the importance of material life (ie. money, wealth). Such an individualistic viewpoint is in response to the historical influence of "de-politicization." Relevantly, the "base" of this program and the discourse developed around the theme fluctuate between macro- and micro-level realities. The final outcome is determined by individual perceptions of identity and interconnectedness.


Sun Dongdong (b. 1977, Nanjing)

Art critic and curator, graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute in 2005 with a Master’s in art history. Since then, he has actively participated in planning of exhibitions for a number of art agencies and has published criticism in a number of periodicals. In 2001, he assisted in the founding of art magazine LEAP and was senior editor until 2014. Sun Dongdong is also an incumbent member of the UCCASTORE Art Committee.

About UCCASTORE Art Committee

By establishing UCCASTORE as a platform presenting future trends, the Art Committee leverages consumer lifestyle for the promotion of contemporary Chinese art, fostering potential collectors for the future of the greater gallery environment. Members of the UCCASTORE Art Committee include UCCA CEO May Xue, Director Philip Tinari, Deputy Director You Yang and Director of Ullens Foundation Laurence de Failly. The Committee is also comprised of distinguished experts, critics, and curators demonstrating a long-standing commitment to innovation in the arts, namely Bao Dong, Fang Fang, Fu Xiaodong, Jean-Marc Decrop, and Sun Dongdong.