Education Outreach

2019.9.28 - 2020.1.12

Over its upcoming session from September 28, 2019 to January 12, 2019, UCCA Foundation’s Education Outreach program will provide opportunities for children who may otherwise lack access to art education. Offerings include charity ticket purchases for children, tours, art material kits, and art workshops. Our goal is to provide a path for children from underserved communities—who may be visiting a museum for the first time—to understand art and learn from all its possibilities. UCCA Foundation believes that contemporary art has the power to improve lives, and aims to use UCCA Center for Contemporary Art’s wealth of experience and resources to enrich art education and share the vitality of contemporary art as widely as possible.

About UCCA Education Outreach

UCCA Center for Contemporary Art’s education program was first established in 2008. Students have become an integral part of the UCCA community, enlivening the institution with their learning. UCCA Foundation conceives of UCCA Center for Contemporary Art as not only a museum, but also a public platform for art education.

Over the course of UCCA Foundation’s long-term commitment to public education, we have found that even in Beijing and other large cities, many families and students do not have an awareness of the importance of art education. The situation can be more severe outside of city centers or in rural communities, where art education resources may be scarce. Schools can lack art classes, and schools with art instruction often do not cover contemporary art in their curriculums.

On August  24, 2018, UCCA Foundation established the “Opening the Door to Art” program, aiming to bring inspiration to children who otherwise lack access to art education. This education outreach program gives guidance to children entering UCCA's doors for the first time, allowing them to be inspired by guided exhibition tours, experience the joy of learning, and create their own artworks.

UCCA Foundation is committed to sharing with a wider community every aspect of contemporary art. Using UCCA’s acclaimed exhibitions as a starting point, we develop art education courses and art material kits, designed to provide children with an appreciation of art and the opportunity for self-reflection. Through Education Outreach, the foundation helps children who might not frequently visit museums grasp contemporary art's complexity and its relationship to the surrounding environment, and even directly participate in art activities, getting inspired by experienced instructors and world-class exhibitions.