UCCA Beijing

Yang Yong: Lightscape

2010.11.17 - 2011.3.13


Location:  Nave

Beginning in mid-November, multimedia artist Yang Yong will light up the UCCA Nave with an installation of 200 lamps in a solo exhibition entitled Lightscape. Each of these custom-produced lamps, lampshades and chandeliers is decorated with images that dominate contemporary global media: fashion spreads, magazine covers, pop culture icons, news stills, natural disasters and sporting events. By painting this barrage of images onto mundane household lamps, the artist relocates world-changing events, media hype and global obsessions to a domestic setting.

A young artist whose diverse practice includes photography, installation and painting, Yang Yong creates works that tell the tale of his generation: the cohort of Chinese men and women, born in the 1970s, who came of age in a time of rapid urbanization and globalization. For Yang Yong and his contemporaries, the Internet, television and magazines have replaced newspapers as the dominant source and arbiter of information. Drawing on a wide variety of media resources, Yang Yong brings the global information glut into our lives and living rooms, and challenges our sense of normalcy.

Installation Views

Installation Views

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