UCCA Beijing

Slide / Show

2022.12.17 - 2023.3.5

A Great Accomplishment of Regeneration, 1965, offset print color transparency.

Courtesy Thomas Sauvin/Beijing Silvermine.


Location:  Central Gallery & New Gallery

“Slide / Show” addresses the notable, if short-lived, role of projected photography in the development of Chinese contemporary art in the late twentieth century. Portable and reproducible, the photographic slide steadily became democratized in China in the 1980s and was rapidly adopted by artists and curators as a tool to share their work more broadly and to learn about art produced elsewhere. Often projected in group settings but also viewed and exchanged privately, slides played an important role in the diffusion of ideas and provided inspiration for new forms of art in the brief period before regular access to video technology and computers. This exhibition offers a focused socio-cultural history of an impactful medium, drawing from archival and contemporary sources to elucidate a new art historical genealogy in the post-Mao period. This exhibition is curated by UCCA Curator Holly Roussell.