UCCA Beijing

X-LIVE Presents: Geki×Cine

2017.8.13 - 2017.9.10

Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  Japanese with Chinese subtitles

UCCA collaborates with X-LIVE, a Chinese organization and exclusive copyright owner of works by the renowned Japanese theater production company GEKI x CINE on the mainland, to present a curated series of theater play. For this event, we present Banyuki, Legacy of Soma: Aonoran, Legacy of Soma: Aonoran, and Asura. Since its founding, GEKI x CINE has devoted itself to experimenting with the best combination of Geki (theater) and CINE (cinema). Since 2003, they have produced more than 14 theater plays in this format, and has garnered major critical acclaim.


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8.13(Sun)13:00-16:00 Banyuki
8.13(Sun)18:00-20:20 Legacy of Soma: Aonoran
8.20(Sun)13:00-16:00 Asura
8.20(Sun)18:00-21:00 GOEMON ROCK 3 - ZIPANG PUNK
9.3 (Sun)13:00-16:00 Banyuki
9.3 (Sun)18:00-20:20 Legacy of Soma: Aonoran
9.10(Sun)13:00-16:00 Asura
9.10(Sun)18:00-21:00 Goemon Rock 3-Zipang Punk

About the Film


Director: Hidenori Inoue

Leading actor: Takaya Kamikawa

Country: Japan

Type: Stage play

Time: 182 min

Domon Date is an innocent man, but due to the betrayal of his companions, he is confined to an island prison for 10 years. After a decade, Domon is able to retain his sanity and intellect by dreaming of exacting revenge on those who led to his imprisonment. With the help of Saji, a man imprisoned in the deepest corner on the island, he is able to escape the prison. However, his former fiancée, a woman named Mikoto, gets in the way of his plans of retaliation. Based on the story The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, this is a tale of revenge set in a fictional, ancient land. It is a story full of sinister manipulations, and illustrates what happens to people who only know how to trap themselves in a cycle of tragedy. GEKI X CINE brilliantly brings this tale of restless revenge to life, and reveals the darkness of human nature. In this cinematic adaptation, the details of each character’s expressions, the fierce swordfights, and details that might have been missed when viewed in theatre are all captured on film. The laughter on the murderer’s face, and the wrath of he who is consumed by revenge extend beyond the screen and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Legacy of Soma: Aonoran

Director: Hidenori Inoue

Leading actor(s): Yuki Amami, Kenichi Matsuya, Taichi Saotome

Type: Stage play

Country: Japan

Time: 138 min

The fortune-teller Soma is a strong and gentle women. 10 years ago, she was driven out of her country when it was invaded, escaping with her friends and family. Soma meets Kojiro Masakado, a clumsy but pure-hearted character, at a festival. They fall in love, leave the capital together, and head for Kojiro’s hometown Bandō. This is an epic civil war drama starring Yuki Amami and Kenichi Matsuyama. It is the cinema version of the theatrical performance of “Aonoran” by Gekidan Shinkansen, and it is Yuki Amman’s third time performing on the Shinkansen stage. With a cast including Kenichi Matsuyama, Mikijiro Hira, and Taichi Saotome, it was one of the most talked-about theatrical productions of the year. This is the story of a man who gave up his identity for his people, and a woman who raised a sword to preserve a man’s soul.


Director: Hidenori Inoue

Leading actor(s): Somegoro Ichikawa and Yuki Amami

Type: Stage play

Country: Japan

Time: 178 min

Once in love, one turns into a demon. This story is set in the capital during the Edo period. Behind the scenes of what looks like a time of peace, an everlasting rancor between humans and demons continues to exist. A special team of samurai gather to battle the demons, known as the "Onimikado". Captain Izumo Wakuraba (Somegoro Ichikawa) is talented at both sword fighting and magic. However, after an incident with the demons, Izumo suddenly disappears without a trace until he is spotted in a small theatre house called Nanboku. His life takes a turn when a mysterious woman called "Tsubaki" turns up at the theatre house. With the thousand years of rancor, a new door is opened by the awakening of the Queen Demon "Asura". How will the battle end?

Goemon Rock 3-Zipang Punk

Director: Hidenori Inoue

Leading actor: Arata Furuta

Type: Stage play

Country: Japan

Time: 183 min

Ishikawa Goemon is a legendary Japanese thief. The saga of the historical hero has been told through literature, Kabuki, movies, animation, and games. Now the story has been adapted to a rock music stage performance. It is the third production of the popular “Goemon Rock” series. The story takes place in Zipang, the Land of Gold. Numerous real and fictional historical characters clash in fights obscuring the line between friend and foe, all in pursuit of a treasure hidden in Zipang. In an era of glory established by tycoon Hideoyoshi, the indomitable great thief Goemon (Arata Furuta) conspires with Cat’s Eye Gin (Yu Aoi) to steal “the statue of the Golden Eye” associated with Kukai (monk, founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism). However, Akechi Shinkuro (Haruma Miura), a young up-and-coming detective working for the government, pushes Goemon and his comrades into a corner. It is rumored that the statue carries an encrypted message revealing the location of the treasure hidden by Kukai. Shunrai (Yumiko Takahashi), a nun of Tsukumo Temple, is robbed of the treasured statue. Toyotomi Hideoyoshi (Akaji Maro), and his right-hand men Ishida Mitsunari (Macoto Awane) and Maeda Keijiro (Jun Hashimoto), happen to learn about the hidden treasure. More and more people join the treasure hunt, including Hachigaya Zenbei (Kunio Murai), a corrupt wealthy merchant of Sakai. It is an exciting production starring some of the most popular actors in Japan. The megahit stage production, seen by more than 130,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka, is now available in movie theatres.




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