UCCA Beijing

UCCA "New Sites" Performance Lecture Series
The Legend of the Wicked Girl:Pixy and Moro


Location:  The Alcove

The Legend of the Wicked Girl is a stage performance that combines the content of Pixy's long-term photography project Experimental Relationship and the latest concept work "Evil Girl". This performance lecture draws on the structure of Japanese noh drama, combining scripts, music and performances. There are three parts in this program. The first part tells the story of the Japanese witch who became a queen in the history. The second part tells the story of Pixy in a third-person point of view. The third part tells the story of the queen of apocalypse on a small island set in the future time. Live music performances are interspersed during each section.


Pixy Liao(Artist)

She was born in Shanghai and graduated from the University of Memphis with a master's degree in photography and currently lives in New York. Her long-term photography project Experimental Relationships challenges the traditional gender perspectives. Another subject of her images and sculptures is female identity.

Her work has been exhibited at the He Xiangning Art Museum (China), Museum of Sex (NY), Asia Society (Houston), K11 Art Museum (Shanghai), Leo Xu Projects (China), Flower Gallery (NY) and Metro Pictures Gallery. She has received the New York Art Foundation Award, Santo Foundation Individual Artist Award, Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival Madame Figaro Women Photographers Award, En Foco's New Works Fellowship and LensCulture Exposure Awards, etc.


Moro (Musician)

Born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Moro is a musician. As the muse and partner of Pixy, he lived and worked with her for more than a decade.