UCCA Beijing


13:30 - 17:00

Location:  UCCA La Suite
Language:  Chinese and English


MakerLAB is a joint education program hold by Beijing Makerspace and UCCA. The event is a series of workshops that celebrate the idea of making while learning, and the practice of combining technology, design and art. Every workshop consists of a 30-minute introduction and a 3-5 hour hands on building experience on one selected project. The project could be done individually or in a team.

Workshops are suitable for all aged over 10.

The first MakerLAB, Chen Si (illustrator) and Guo Chong from Beijing Makerspace will tell you how to build a paper electronic piano. You can make an IPAD or Kindle bag, a book cover, a wallet, and a small bag with the cover of an electronic piano (advanced DIYers can program the their pianos.).

Participants over 10 years old are all welcome to join the lab, but kids under 16 should be accompanied by parents.

Technology involved: Capacitive Sensing

Capacitive sensing is a technology based on capacitive coupling which takes human body capacitance as input. Capacitive touch sensors are used in many devices such as laptop trackpads, digital audio players, computer displays, mobile phones, mobile devices, tablets and others.

Tyvek is a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material; the name is a registered trademark of DuPont. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. Water vapor can pass through Tyvek (highly breathable).

Lab package:

Arduino Leostick 1 piece

Tyvek Paper 1 Square Meter

10M Resistor 16 pieces

Conductive Aluminum 40


Battery Shield 1

Battery 1

Small Speaker 1

Wire 1 Meter

Reservations required.

From Tuesday to Friday 11:00-18:00 please call +86 10 5780 0200 to book. Please note that you can only book 1 seat at a time.

Members can also book by email: members@ (Email bookings are reserved for UCCA members only).