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Youth Lithuanian Women Directors: Typing the Future


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Language:  Various languages with Chinese subtitles

On August 19, in collaboration with the Embassy of Lithuania in China, UCCA presents “Young Lithuanian Women Directors: Typing the Future.” “Typing The Future” features a selection of films by four emerging Lithuanian film makers, which, while produced in different countries, share a similar cinematic language and subject matter: long, slow shots, and a contemplation of the shifting relations between humans and non-humans. The program curated by Jurga Zabukaite, which introduces different narratives on global warming, examining the links between climate change and oppressive military structures. It focuses on the contemporary economic situation, the seduction of low cost entertainment, and the surreal fantasies born of politics of desire. It is an open invitation to discuss the ways that past transforms future.


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8.19 (Sun) 19:00-20:20 Screenings

8.19 (Sun) 20:20-21:30 Q&A

About the films

All Is Nature

Director: Gerda Krutaja

Screenwriter: Dangiras Bugas

Starring: Grazina Baikstyte, Vytautas Anuzis

Duration: 20 minutes

Genre: Short Film/Comedy/Drama/Fantasy

Country: Lithuania, Italy

Language: Lithuanian

Elderly, bald, and reserved, he seems like a typical resident of an Eastern European town. But his wife is suspicious. And the neighbors, were they not permanently glued to their television screens, would notice the consequences of his secret plan, a personal war waged against nature—the kind of nature advertised on television and dreamt of by the masses.

A Desire For Things To Work

Director: Gerda Paliušytė

Screenwriters: Gerda Paliušytė

Duration: 13 minutes

Genre: Short Film/Essay Film

Country: Lithuania

Language: English

A Desire For Things To Work is an essay film on a modern flâneur on a one-night trip in Amsterdam, a city famous for its low-cost entertainment. As the city appears to be empty, the flâneur—an unidentified non-human traveler—explores the city's nighttime architecture. Accompanied by pre-recorded voices of phone-sex operators, this film is an exploration of libidinal economy and the rogue fantasies that escape it.


Director: Emilija Škarnulytė

Duration: 12 minutes

Genre: Short Film

Country: Lithuania

In arctic waters, Sirenomelia is the link between man, nature, and machine. Shot in a Cold War submarine base that transmits white noise, it is a cosmic portrait of one of mankind’s oldest myths. In the words of philosopher Timothy Morton, “We’re all mermaids already, we just don’t know it yet.”

Une Chambre À Soi

Director: Jurga Zabukaitė

Screenwriters: Jurga Zabukaitė, Egle Vertelyte

Starring: Sophie Verbeeck, Darius Gumauskas, Audrys Karalius, Selma Varoneckaite

Duration: 23 minutes

Genre: Short Film

Country: Lithuania

Language: French

Une Chambre À Soi is a tribute to Virginia's Woolf poetic vision that elevates the routine of everyday life into the virtual: two people meet online and their reality becomes suffused with fantasy, love, and beauty, allowing them to explore their desires until they finally meet in person. This film navigates the tension between imagination and reality, the place where loss becomes gain.


Jurga Zabukaitė

Jurga Zabukaitė (born in Vilnius, Lithuania, lives and works in Paris) is a Lithuanian film artist and curator. In 2012, she completed her post-graduate studies in École Européenne Supérieure de L'image, Poitiers, France. In 2014 she took part in Filmfactory, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded by film director Béla Tarr, whom she currently assists on retrospectives in Lima and Buenos Aires, and whose documentary, based on his first theatre piece, she is developing. Jurga works exclusively in film, shooting on a variety of film stock, including 8 mm, 16 mm, digital video, and HD video. Her creations are distributed throughout alternative spaces, galleries and festivals across the globe, with soundtracks conceived specifically in cooperation with different dark new wave musicians and moody DJs. These are atmospheric narratives with ambiguous and unresolved storylines, revolving around the complex interrelations between sexuality, love and architecture, and transgressing conventional representations of femininity. Her most recent film, Une Chambre a Soi, is distributed by l’Agence du court métrage and will be shown at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France, 2018.


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