UCCA Beijing

Treasures of Chinese Music Series: New Year’s Concert-- Songs of Pipa


Performing Arts
Location:  UCCA Auditorium

At the beginning of 2015, UCCA hosts traditional Chinese instrumentalists Yu Yuanchun (pipa), Zhang Yanqiu, (sanxian and ruan), and Li Zixi (percussion) as they perform several solo and group sets from a collection of classic folk songs. The music will transport you to the mythical banks of Yingzhou as you experience the harmonious and conflicting beauties of the new and the old, the modern and the classic.

Ticketing & Participation

Presale: RMB 120

Door: RMB 150

UCCA Member Reservations required: RMB 100

Please call +86 10 57800200 to book. Please note that you can only book 1 seat at a time.

Members can also book by calling +86 10 57800291, or by sending an email to: members@ucca.org.cn

Presale tickets can be purchased on the UCCA website and on Douban.


*You can collect your ticket from the ticket desk 30 minutes before the event begins.

*No late entry.


Part One

1. “On the Mist-Covered River” (musical instrument: pipa)

2. “Excerpts from Ancient Yingzhou Tunes” (musical instrument: pipa)

3. “Song and Dance (musical instrument: pipa, ruan, flute)

4. “Moon Palace” (musical instrument: pipa, ruan, xiao, percussion)

5. “An-Shi Rebellion” (musical instrument: pipa, ruan, percussion)


Part Two

1. “Green Waist Dress Dance” (musical instrument: pipa)

2. “San Liu” (musical instrument: pipa, sanxian)

3. “The Spring of Tian Shan” (Musical Instrument: pipa, frame drum)

4. “A Moonlit Night On The Spring River” (musical instrument: pipa, flute)

5. “Ambush On All Sides” (Musical instrument: pipa, flute, ruan, percussion)


Yu Yuanchun (pipa)


Yu Yuanchun is currently a pipa soloist with the Chinese National Orchestra. Yuanchun began studying the pipa at the age of five with the celebrated virtuoso Zhou Xianshun. In 2004, she was recommended for acceptance to the Central Conservatory where she studied with Professors Li Guanghua and Fan Wei, receiving her Bachelor's degree in 2008 along with the award of “Outstanding Graduate” from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. In 2011, Yuanchun earned her masters degree cum laude from from the Central Conservatory of Music.

Zhang Yanqiu(sanxian, ruan)


Li Zixi (percussion)


Ding Xiaokui(flute)