UCCA Beijing

UCCA Seeking Docents for “The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017”

2017.2.28 - 2017.7.9

Location:  Great Hall, Central Gallery, Nave and Long Gallery

UCCA is recruiting new docents for “The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017,” a group exhibition including work by 23 artists and artist groups from China and beyond, on view from 19 March to 9 July, 2017. Taking China’s evolving if still troubled national condition vis-à-vis the rising backlash against globalization on other continents as a point of departure, “The New Normal” arrays works that probe exceptional nodes as a way of examining underlying conditions, and surveys the current state of art in 2017, a curious point in history grounded in an imploding social reality. The exhibition continues the Center’s long-term research into new directions in China’s contemporary art scene as well as the institutional tradition of mounting a large-scale group exhibition once every four years begun with “Breaking Forecast: 8 Key Figures of China’s New Generation of Artists” in 2009 and continued with “ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice” in 2013.

As UCCA docents, you will be provided the chance to learn from an extended list of world-renown artists and share your passion and insight on the exhibition with fellow art lovers. For all involved, joining in the UCCA docents team is not only a challenge, but also a precious encounter with art and life. This means each docent shoulders great responsibility, but your work will contribute to the public influence of contemporary art.

Target Group

We are encouraging our current docents to actively involve in this exhibition during the exhibition period. We also welcome new friends to join our docent team.

Whether you are a student, employed, foreigner, or a retiree, as long as you are enthusiastic about art, your participation is an invaluable addition. Regardless of your nationality or native language, we look forward to having you on board!

Job Description

Offer high-quality guided tours for the visitors who come to UCCA;

Help the Visitor Experience Department welcome visitors;

Collect questionnaires after guided tours;

During non-guiding hours, participate in big events held by the Public Program Department;

Docents can choose to give tours in Chinese or English.

How to Apply

Fill in the application form and send it with your CV to docents@ucca.org.cn Please call +86 10 5780 0200 for further consulting.

Please download the form.

Interview and Selection

Recruitment period: Now until 9 July, 2017.

Based on your CV, we will have a interview with you;

If you pass the interview, we will send out the UCCA and exhibition-related learning materials (reading materials and videos) for you to study;

When you finish your preparation, you may book docent guide testing tour;

If you pass the test you will be asked to sign a docent service agreement and given information about future training sessions;

All interviews and tests are optional in Chinese or English.


Training period: Early March until the exhibition opens. (Docents are required to attend at least 1-2 on-site training courses before the opening);

We will provide you with all relevant information on our exhibition, the Center, and 798;

Artists and curators will also offer training sessions;

Participating docents are invited to attend the exhibition on the press conference day.

Scheduling and Attendance

Work Period: Begins 19 March 2017.


10:00 A.M - 18:00 P.M (12:00-13:00 lunch break, 7 hours)

10:00 A.M - 14:00 P.M (4 hours)

14:00 P.M - 18:00 P.M (4 hours)

Docents are required to arrive at UCCA at least 10 minutes before the shift begins to register and prepare for work;

A public link is available for docents to arrange or modify their own working schedules.


·UCCA exhibitions offer free admission to our docents and 10 discount tickets to docent’s friends and families;

·Letter of acknowledgement granted by “The New Normal: Art and China in 2017”;

·A limited edition T-shirt of “The New Normal: Art and China in 2017” (worth RMB 330);

·A “The New Normal: Art and China in 2017” gift pack containing notebooks, magnets, etc. (worth RMB 200);

·A UCCA membership card offering benefits such as free entry, exclusive member activities, discounts on public programs, etc.(worth RMB 300);

·5 UCCA general tickets (worth RMB 100);

·3 double tickets for UCCA art cinema 2017 (worth about RMB 300);

·Work certificate issued by UCCA for those having worked for more than 100 hours;

·Free lunch for docents working the entire day shift (10:00-18:00);

(*Note: The said benefits are only available for docents who are involved in the exhibition throughout its duration.)