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UCCA Art Film Screening: The Looming Storm + Q&A


Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  Chinese with Chinese and English subtitles

UCCA collaborates with film producer Xiao Qiancao to present a screening of The Looming Storm, followed by a discussion on the planning and execution of the film. The Looming Storm is about a security guard who dreams of becoming a police officer, and his efforts to catch an elusive serial killer. The Looming Storm won Best Actor Award and Best Artistic Contribution Award at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival in 2017.


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About the Film

The Looming Storm

Director: Dong Yue

Screenwriters; Duan Yihong, Jiang Yiyan, Du Yuan, Zheng Wei

Language: Chinese

Length: 118 minutes

Awards: Best Actor and Best Artistic Contribution at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival

Working as a security guard in a state-run factory, Yu Guowei dreams of becoming a police officer. A serial murderer is on the loose, targeting women who work at the factory. By solving the case, Yu Guowei hopes that he will attract the attention of the local police bureau. His descent into obsession propels the film to its shocking finale.


Xiao Qiancao (Producer)

Xiao Qiancao is a film producer and screenwriter. From 2012 to 2014, he was involved in the planning and production of Black Coal, Thin Ice, as well as creating the official documentary for the film, which went on to win the Golden Bear Award at the 60th Berlin Film Festival. He was the executive producer of Forever Young in 2012 and of The Looming Storm from 2015 to 2016, a role which earned him inclusion in the China Film Foundation’s Wu Tianming Film Fund’s “Cannes Film Producers Project.” In 2017, The Looming Storm was shown at the 30th Tokyko International Film Festival, becoming the only sinophone film to win two awards, those for Best Actor and Best Artistic Contribution.

Chen Yirong (Producer)

Chen Yirong is a film producer and the founder of Yunzhi Film Industries. Yirong was an administrative partner in Nanjing Qingzhuo Creative Investment, head of for the technology department's angel investing and equity investment. In recent years, his focus has shifted to film and television production, co-producing several commercially successful films, such as Forever Young and Admission by Guts. In 2015, he founded Yunzhi Film Industries, an incubator for China's young filmmakers. In 2017, the company produced The Looming Storm, which won Best Actor Award and Best Artistic Contribution Award at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival.

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