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The 5th Beijing Indie Short Film Festival


Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium

The Beijing Indie Short Film Festival (BJISFF) will return for its fourth year on Sunday July 21 at UCCA, presenting over 20 independent shorts, including work for VR and animation. The films have been chosen for their connection to Beijing, whether through the directors or stories captured. Dedicated to supporting Beijing’s indie filmmaking scene, BJISFF aims to shine a spotlight on local and international filmmakers, accepting submissions that span a wide array of genres. The film festival has steadily built a following over the years, attracting increasingly high-caliber film submissions from around the world. The films this year are selected for their “mind-blowing visual effects, incredibly genuine storytelling and innovative use of animation,” according to Joshua Linder, BJISFF organizer and indie film director.


14:00-16:00  Short Films

In the Winter, Momo Cao, 2:37

NG, Z Kuozheng Hao, 0:45

Pangu, Yijun Wang, 5:00

A Farewell, Yifei He, 12:59

You in Me, Yaou Chen, 1:44

Galaxy Loser, Daotian Wang, 5:00

The Distance Between, Jeffrey Wu, 4:18

The Baby I Picked Up, Qitong Fu, 5:27

Eyes, Naixin Xu, 5:12

The Passport, Olivier Hero Dressen, 15:00

My Shadow, Evan Kimball, 3:47

Perfect Audience, Juyi Mao, 9:59

The Last Man on Earth, Junyi Xiao, 2:29

Troll Bridge, Daniel Knight, 15:54

Hungry, Yaou Chen, 2:39

Dojo, Rautszko Panz Nikodem, 4:06

Gaming Fields, Freddie Lau, 6:51

The Second Page, Justin Scott, 14:00


16:00-18:00  VR screenings

Everest VR – The Movie Experience Trailer, Jon Griffith, 11:00

Dating Hotel, Joshua Linder, 6:00

Halo, Peisheng Wang, 3:10

Poland Killing, Nikk Mitchell, 2:00


Beijing Indie Short Film Festival

Projection Support: CFG-BARCO

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