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The World in a Cup of Tea: Tea Ceremony Experiential Workshop


Location:  UCCA Workshop
Language:  Chinese with English translation

How can a few little leaves transmit thousands of years of Chinese history? Why is tea endowed with such rich, spiritual significance? How can a cup of tea relieve our anxieties and reflect a Zen way of life? For this workshop, Zhang Dong, an expert in the art of tea, will host a traditional tea ceremony at UCCA, teaching the audience how to find Zen in a cup of tea.

Zhang Dong is a tea expert and tea ceremony instructor. He is the founder of Liu Fang Tea House. Zhang is a lifelong student of tea culture who focuses on explaining tea in simple, yet intriguing terms. Zhang has organized over 200 tea-related events and has reached over 1,000 students. He has many years of experience teaching tea skills, tea arts, tea ceremonies, and tea culture, covering all facets to help students fully experience the wonderful world of tea.

Ticketing & Participation

RMB 50 / Person

RMB 30 / UCCA member

Reservation required.

Please call +86 10 5780 0200 from Tuesday to Friday, 11:00-18:00 to book. Please note that you may only book one seat at a time. Members can also book by sending an email to members@ucca.org.cn.


*All materials provided.

*Must be at least 16 years old to attend.

*You can collect your ticket from the ticket desk 30 minutes before the event begins.

*If you make a reservation but cannot make it to the event, please cancel by calling +86 10 57800200.

*No late entry.


Zhang Dong


Liu Fang Tea House