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String-139 Series
Classical Guitar with Marcos Vinicius


Performing Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  English with Chinese translation

Marcos Vinicius's musical career began as the very young winner of the prestigious international competition Villa Lobos. As the most exceptional student of the famous Italian classical guitarist and educator Oscar Ghiglia, he graduated with a Certificate of Merit at the Chigiana Music Academy of Siena, Italy. On September 21, 2019, UCCA will invite Mr. Du Yipeng, the founder of the String-139 project, to introduce and present the Brazilian classical guitar master Marcos Vinicius and his works. The audience will have a chance to experience the charm of classical music live, as well as meet face-to-face with the acclaimed musician.


Luis Bonfa                          Manha de Carnaval

Robert de Viseée           Preludio




Luis Milan                           Pavana I

                                                 Pavana II

                                                 Pavan III


Georg. Ph. Haendel       Sarabanda*

                                                  Lascia ch'io pianga*


Fernando Sor                   Gran solo, op 14


Heitor Villa-Lobos          Preludio V

                                                  Etude X



Isaac Albeniz                     Cadiz

                                                  Rumores de la Caleta



Marcos Vinicius                 Improvisations in time


                                                   The Awakening of the Wizards

                                                   Midnight Valse

                                                   Los ojos de mi Madre


Nutile                                      Mamma cosa vo sape*

                                                   Finesta che luciva*


William Lovelady              Incantation No. 2


Cearense                             Variations for Guitar*

*Repertoire is subject to change based on live line up.


Marcos Vinicius (Brazilian Guitarist, Composer)

Born in Brazil in 1961, he graduated from the National University of Brazil and resides in Italy. He has long been the chairman of the Milan Classical Guitar Academy. At the age of 14, he started performing on stage and has since been active in the cultural centers of Brazil and Europe, as well as winning numerous awards. In his native country of Brazil, he founded and edited the first magazine about classical guitar, Viola America, and directed the Belo Horizonte Guitar Concerto. Vinicius is gifted in composition and has composed extensively for wind instruments, stringed instruments, and chamber music for duos and quartets. He has been recognized with numerous awards; including the famous Bolgheri Gold Award, and 2013 European Radio and Television Association REA Grand Prize.


Du Yipeng (Founder of String-139)

Du Yipeng graduated from the Mannes School of Music in New York, USA. In 1999, he taught at the International School of Beijing. In the same year, he participated in the performance of the European (Beijing) Drama Art Festival. In 2000, he held his first guitar solo concert, in Beijing. He has participated in master classes with Rolan Dynes, Fabio Zanon, Oscar Ghiglia, and Manuel Barrueco. He has been invited to visit several international guitar art festival exchange programs, and helped organize dozens of visits to China for international guitar masters, including performances and exchange programs. At the moment, he is engaged as an art director for cultural performances and exchanges in China and abroad.



In 1723, Bach finished his No. 139 cantata Believe in God, God Blesses (Wohl dem, der sich auf seinen Gott, BWV 139) to express his love for the Lord. The name of this cantata perfectly described Bach's life of pure belief. Although new music forms are constantly being created, people have never given up on upholding tradition and faith. As time passes by, when fashion trends become classics, and persistence solidifies into greatness, classical works act as a mirror for people to slow down and reflect upon their true selves.

The aim of GuitarW Music Workshop (www.guitarw.com) is to share passion for the classical string music world. Inspired by Bach's commitment to his belief, our goal is to invite likeminded string masters to perform with us, in the “139” musical style, to demonstrate our musical beliefs.