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Son Nom de Venise dans Calcutta Desert


Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  French with Chinese subtitles

Following India Song, Duras and her cinematographer, Bruno Nuytten, once again filmed in the Palais Rothschild, this time experimenting with lighting. The film is the constant search for backlighting. "[Duras] really wanted to enter Anne-Marie Stretter's tomb and I physically had the feeling that we actually opened a grave. She was very afraid. She led the way with the beam of her flashlight and described to me the ruins of India Song and Anne-Marie Stretter's ashes."

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Son Nom de Venise dans Calcutta Desert

Director: Marguerite Duras

Starring: Michael Lonsdale

Genre: Drama

Country: France

Year: 1976

Runtime: 114 min.


Ambassade de France en Chine