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The Pianist Gerhard Gruber: 20th Century Europe's Feminist Awakening


Location:  Auditorium

At the end of 2017, Austrian composer and pianist Gerhard Gruber performed for the first time at UCCA by playing an accompaniment to the silent film "The Moon of Israel.” In collaboration with the Austrian Embassy’s Cultural Forum in Beijing, UCCA invites Gruber to again perform a live piano accompaniment to nine short silent films. Some are filled with humor and irony, while another is centered on twentieth century feminist thought. The live performance and screening will be the first time these films have ever been shown in China.


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1) Tilly and the Fire Engines 2’46“

2) Lea & The Ball of Wool 5’05”

3) Lea Has Fun 8’02”

4) Pickpocket 15’48”

5) Scenes in the Record Demonstration of Suffragettes in London 5’23”

6) A Shy Youth 9’01”

7) Cunegonde Has Visitors 5’42”

8) Miracle Water 10’04”

9) Close Combat 4’59”

Category: Epic

Country: British, Italy, France, United States

Runtime: 64 min

Language: n/a (silent films)


Gerhard Gruber (Composer, pianist)

Gerhard Gruber is an Austrian composer and pianist who has been the leading authority of piano accompaniment for films in Austria since 1988. Gruber prefers to improvise his work in order to foster new dialogue between the events on screen, the music, and the audience, and thus make each performance unique. He attempts to convey to the audience the process of being drawn back into the film during each performance. Gerhard Gruber: “For me the feeling of being amidst the events of a film story has been indescribably exciting from the first moment and is unchanged until today. This guarantees the liveliness and vibrancy of each performance. It is always the unity of film, music, and audience. Thus each presentation is able to be a special experience.”


Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy Beijing

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