UCCA Beijing

Performance Art and Postmodern Theater Series: Workshops

2017.12.16 - 2017.12.17
9:00-19:00 9:00-16:00

Location:  Long Gallery; Nave
Language:  Chinese Only

In a workshop, forum and performance series, UCCA invites artists, directors, and academics to explore the relationship between performance art and theater, traditionally viewed as two separate art forms. With the arrival of postmodernism, however, the boundaries between the two become blurred: contemporary performance art incorporates more and more narrative elements into itself, and contemporary theater places increasing emphasis on visuality and the body. Guest speakers will be asked to weigh in on how these two artistic forms should be redefined, whether a synthesis can be found in China, and what implications this synthesis might have on artists and performers.

For the first part of the series, Chinese-German theater director Cao Kefei and performance artist Li Xinmo will explore the relationship between theater, performance, curation by simultaneously moderating, and fluidly moving between, two workshops at UCCA. In each workshop, performance artists, dancers, and musicians will interpret several key words using their bodies, vision, and hearing, testing the boundaries of language and meaning. Following this will be a performance consisting of several separate yet interactive pieces taking place at various spaces in the Center.


*Workshops are closed to the public; December 17 performance and forum are open to the public


Cao Kefei (Theater Director, Dramaturg)

Cao Kefei is a theater director and dramaturg who splits her time between Beijing and Berlin. In 2008, she co-founded the theater company, Ladybird, with poet Zhou Zan. She has attended international art festivals in a number of different countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Germany, and organized programs in various international theaters. In 2013 Cao was a visiting professor in the Department of Applied Theater at Giessen University in Germany. Cao often combines installation, video, and performance in her cross-disciplinary theater productions. She specializes in producing performances in non-traditional spaces, combining the human body, poetry, music, and movement and text to create a multi-sensory experience for audiences.

Li Xinmo (Artist, Art Critic)

Li Xinmo is an artist and art critic. Her works utilize a variety of mediums, including performance, painting, and video, and have been exhibited in prominent art museums in Sweden, France, Germany, Canada, and the U.S. She participated in the Toronto Photo Biennale and Prague Art Biennale, and her work has been exhibited in museums in France, Italy, the U.S., Canada, Columbia, and more. She has participated in a number of theatrical productions, and seamlessly weaves her performance art with elements of theater, utilizing space, installation, and music to fill her work with a sense of immediacy.

Workshop Participants:

Er Yü, Fenni, Li Tian, Niu Lili, Mr. 4.0, Sun Dasi, Xin Ya, Xiao Shengjie, Xu Weihua, Simi, Zhang Wei, Wang Qi, Xin Wangjun