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Performance Art and Postmodern Theater Series: Performance and Forum


Location:  Long Gallery&Nave
Language:  Chinese Only

In a workshop, forum and performance series, UCCA invites artists, directors, and academics to explore the relationship between performance art and theater, traditionally viewed as two separate art forms. With the arrival of postmodernism, however, the boundaries between the two become blurred: contemporary performance art incorporates more and more narrative elements into itself, and contemporary theater places increasing emphasis on visuality and the body.

For the second part of the series, the workshop participants will mount a performance that takes place at various spaces in UCCA, followed by a forum with curator and critic Ariel, theater director Cao Kefei, curator and critic Hao Qingsong, playwright and director Tian Gebing, and artist Li Xinmo, who will be discussing whether the synthesis of performance art and theater has emerged in China, and what implications this synthesis might have on artists and performers.


Ding Yunhui, Er Yü, Fenni, Gao Brothers, Li Tian, Lu Feifei, Ma Nan, Niu Lili, Mr. 4.0, Sun Dasi, Xin Ya, Xiao Shengjie, Xu Weihua, Simi, Zhang Wei


16:00-16:30 Ticket pick-up at the reception desk

16:30-17:30 Performance of workshop

17:30-19:00 Forum


30 RMB/Adult

Free/UCCA member

*Event ticket includes same-day entrance to UCCA’s exhibitions

*Collect your ticket from reception 45 minutes before the event begins;

*Please no late entry;

*Seating is limited, and tickets must be collected individually;

*Please keep mobile devices on silent.



Ariel (Curator, Critic)

Ariel holds a PhD from Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua, and is an independent curator, and committee member of China’s Annual Academic Meeting of Art Critics. A pioneering curator, she has organized a number of large scale academic exhibitions on feminist Chinese art, ecological art, new media, experimental art, and more. She authored an edition of Shanghai Joint Publishing’s The Spiritual Dimension, and translated Peking University’s edition of Mark Rothko’s Writings on Art. Ariel’s essays have been published in Art Monthly, Art Market, Art Panorama, Art News of China, and China Culture Daily. She has been the long-term host for Contemporary Women’s Interview.

Cao Kefei (Theater Director, Dramaturg)

Cao Kefei is a theater director and dramaturg who splits her time between Beijing and Berlin. In 2008, she co-founded the theater company, Ladybird, with poet Zhou Zan. She has attended international art festivals in a number of different countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Germany, and organized programs in various international theaters. In 2013 Cao was a visiting professor in the Department of Applied Theater at Giessen University in Germany. Cao often combines installation, video, and performance in her cross-disciplinary theater productions. She specializes in producing performances in non-traditional spaces, combining the human body, poetry, music, and movement and text to create a multi-sensory experience for audiences.

Hao Qingsong (Art Critic, Curator)

Hao Qingsong holds a PhD from Tsinghua University, and is an instructor in the Art History Department at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. He is a columnist for several art magazines, and is interested in a spiritual history of contemporary art, paying particular attention to Ruin Art and Contemporary Spiritual Art.

Tian Gebing (Playwright, Director)

Born in 1963 in Xi’an, Tian Gebing is currently a playwright, director, freelance writer, and curator. In 1997, Tian founded Paper Tiger, a theater studio whose productions have been shown in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Berlin, Antwerp, Zurich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and a number of other cities and international art fairs. Since 1998 he has created a series of plays based around daily life, and his play 500 Meters premiered at Hamburg’s Theater Der Welt festival in May of 2017. Tian experimented early in his career with introducing visual art to theatrical spaces, both official and unofficial. He uses dark humor to overturn the conventions of official, classical, or commercial theater, and combines carefully constructed screenplays with improvised performance.

Raimund Rosarius (Director, Playwright, Artist)

Raimund Rosarius is a director, playwright, performer and curator. Born in Germany, Rosarius finished his studies in Austria, and currently lives and works in China. Rosarius began writing and directing plays in middle school, and soon after became assistant director to renowned German directors like Karin Beier, Dieter Giesing and Johann Kresnik. He studied theater, film and media at the University of Vienna, playwriting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and directing for his Master's at the Central Academy of Drama. He directed The Old Go Bad for the Wuzhen International Theater Festival, as well as Scharmien Zandi's latest composition, Dione, for the Austrian Embassy, and The Metamorphosis - A Matter of Duty and Howling Dogs for the Nanluoguxiang Theater Festival. He is recipient of scholarships from the German National Academic Foundation and Krupp Foundation.

Gao Brothers (Artists)

The Gao Brothers (Gao Zhen and Gao Qiang) are an artistic duo based in Beijing. They have been collaborating on installation, performance, sculpture, photography, and writing since the mid-1980s. Their work has been included in art books such as A History Of China Modern Art, China Avant-garde Photography, The Best Photography of China, and included in the private collections of individuals such as Steven Cohen, Uli Sigg, and Charles Saatchi, as well as the collections of the China National Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Princeton University Art Museum, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and many others.




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