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Kentridge in Parallel: Moon Travelers


Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  Silent Film

"Kentridge in Parallel" is a series of screenings running throughout the exhibition at UCCA that puts the artist's works into conversation with historical, formal, and social referents.

William Kentridge’s short film Journey to the Moon is highly reminiscent of Georges Méliès’s A Trip to the Moon (1902) and can be seen as an homage to the film. In fact, Kentridge’s absurd style owes much to the works of Méliès and to other pioneers of Surrealist film. Join us we screen works by both Kentridge and Méliès.

Ticketing: Free


*Collect your ticket from reception 30 minutes before the event begins.

* Please no late entry.

A Trip to the Moon

Director: Georges Méliès

Writer: Georges Méliès, Herbert George Wells

Film Genre:Short | Adventure | Fantasy

Country: France

Language: Silent Film

Release Date: 1902-09-01

Runtime: 14min.

Film introductions

A Trip to the Moon (1902) is French silent film directed by Georges Méliès. Inspired by a wide variety of sources including Jules Verne's novels From Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon, the film follows a group of astronomers who travel to the Moon in a cannon-propelled capsule, explore the Moon's surface, escape from an underground group of Selenites (lunar inhabitants), and return with a splashdown to Earth with a captive Selenite.

It features an ensemble cast of French theatrical performers, led by Méliès himself in the main role of Professor Barbenfouillis, and is filmed in the overtly theatrical style for which Méliès became famous.

Other classic movies directed by Georges Méliès

Many other classic movies directed by Georges Méliès will also be screened in this unit:

The Impossible Voyage (24min.)

Kingdom of the Fairies (16min.)

The Merry Frolics of Satan (16min.)