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Fading Reindeer Bell


Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  Chinese and Ewenki with Chinese subtitles

Growing up in a small mountain town overlooking the Yangtze river in Sichuan, Tao Hui was surrounded by verbal transmissions of folklore and tales of bizarre happenings that befell his neighbors and friends. A collector of such stories and a natural raconteur, the artist transforms these anecdotes into video installations that acting as portals through which the audience can travel to a space not unlike the misty village of his childhood: a special purgatory where ghostly realms and the human world become intertwined, a reality stranger than fiction.

Before attending university, Tao Hui saw the documentary Fading Reindeer Bell and was deeply affected the film's heroine, Liu Ba, a young girl of approximately the same age facing the extinction of her native culture. While the film is an anthropological study, Tao Hui feels attached the poetry of its direction. Here UCCA screens the film to inspire dialogue with Tao Hui's current works on display in the Long Gallery.

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About the Film

Fading Reindeer Bell

Director: Sun Zengtian

Starring: Liu Ba

Genre: Documentary

Country: China

Release Date: 1996.6.30

Runtime: 73 min.


Special Prize, 11th Parnu International Visual Anthropology Festival, 1997.

Jury Prize, 3rd Germany Berlin Ethno Film Festival, 1998.

Special Jury Prize, 7th Shanghai International TV Festival, 1998.

Lawrence Nomination Award, International Documentary Association, 1998.