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Lu Xun Park: Wang Yin's Paintings and the History of Qingdao


Location:  Auditorium
Language:  Chinese Only

Artist Wang Yin was born in Jinan and raised in Qingdao, both in Shandong province. Qingdao, a former German colony that was briefly occupied by the Japanese as well, has deeply influenced Wang Yin's art, and Lu Xun Park is one of its most important landmarks as well as a frequently visited subject in Wang Yin's canvases.

For this conversation, UCCA has invited Qingdao-based writer Li Ming (Zhong Shan Road: A Street and the History of a City, Tsingtao Bygones) and curator Sun Dongdong (author of several articles about Wang Yin's work) to discuss the culture and history of Qingdao and Lu Xun Park as they relate to Wang Yin's canvases.

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Li Ming (Qingdao-based Writer)

A researcher of the history of Qingdao and urban humanistic thought. Author of The Memory of a Tsingtao Old House, Tsingtao City on the Tower, Qingdao Art Community literature - a reading book of folk thoughts and arts, ZhongShan Road: A Street and the History of a City, and Tsingtao Bygones.

Sun Dongdong(Curator)

Sun Dongdong is an independent curator that graduated with a Master's degree in art history from Nanjing University of the Arts in 2005. Since 2001, he has been active as an independent curator and art critic, having worked for the Sifang Art Museum, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, and LEAP magazine.