UCCA Beijing


13:30 - 17:00

Location:  UCCA La Suite
Language:  Chinese and English


In the third round of UCCA MakerLAB, we will conduct an interactive workshop. Beijing Makerspace will prepare 30-40 kinds of daily use items, and participants will be divided into groups and make a switch using the given materials. Switch represents a state-changing, which is like ON | OFF, and this change of state is usually an interactive way for physical interaction.

At the end of this LAB, every group will make a small presentation to introduce the switch they have made.


Part of materials provided in this workshop are as follow: paperboards, disposable paper cups, balloons, components of resistors and capacitors components and some other materials, over 30 types.

【Programme Notes】

The activities will be carried out in groups. Participants will be divided into groups.

* Participants can also bring all kinds of raw materials.

Reservations required.

From Tuesday to Friday 11:00-18:00 please call +86 10 5780 0200 to book. Please note that you can only book 1 seat at a time.


About UCCA MakerLAB

MakerLAB is a joint education program hold by Beijing Makerspace and UCCA. The event is a series of workshops that celebrate the idea of making while learning, and the practice of combining technology, design and art. Every workshop is consist of a 30 mins introduction and a 3-5 hour hands on building experience on one selected project. The project could be done individually or in a team.

Workshops are suitable for all aged over 10.

Participants over 10 year old are all welcomed to join our Lab, but kids and teenagers under 16 should be accompanied by their parents.


PARTNERS: Makerspace