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Art embodies the spirit of an era, but placed in the context of contemporary society, it can often lead to feelings of disconnection. In a present filled with visual distraction, attentions spans have been cut remarkably short. This implies that the length of time in which visual information is discarded has become harder and harder to predict: neglect is our normal state.

“Exhibitionist” is another facet to the above mentioned issue. Aside from language, one’s need for self-expression is also revealed through minute details of everyday life. The body itself is an exhibition. From hairstyle and clothing, to makeup and carriage, all are a display of sexuality. Based on this premise, artist Ye Funa launched the “Exhibitionist” Project in the fall of 2014, and beginning with Nail Project, she has captured the attention of many young curators, artists, musicians, and designers, as well as the media and other art organizations.

During this discussion, Ye Funa and Nail Project participating artists discuss the meaning behind the “Exhibitionist” Project and its future development.

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Guest Speakers

Ye Funa (Artist)

Ye Funa (b. 1986, Kunming) graduated from the Experimental Art Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2008, and received an MFA from Central Saint Martins College of Art. Ye is currently based in Beijing and teaches at CAFA. Her major solo exhibitions include: “Where are we from? Where are we going?” (Contemporary by Angela Li, 2013) and “Research of lost time: Funa Ye Installation & Video Exhibition” (Dialogue Space, 2012). Selected group exhibitions include: “1st Beijing Photo Biennial: Aura and Post Aura” (China Millennium Monument, 2013); “Action⋯Cut! Liu Xinyi, Wang Taocheng, Ye Funa Joint Exhibition” (Yuz Museum, 2013); “The First ‘CAFAM Future’ Exhibition” (CAFA Museum, 2012); and “PERIPHERIES - 2nd Asian Art Triennial Manchester” (Piccadilly Place, 2011).

Chao Jiaxing (Curator)

Bi Xin (Curator)

Zhao Mengsha (Editor of Leap)

Sang Tian (Editor of ARTTIME)

Beio (Artist and Dancer)


Shang Shang (Curator)

About Exhibitionist

Founded by Ye Funa in the fall of 2014, Exhibitionist obscures the boundaries between “life” and “art” by appropriating the functions of art institutions (curation, exhibitions, sales, advertisement, communications, and educational programming). Nail Project is the first part of this series.


School of Experimental Art, CAFA