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Détruire, Dit-elle


Cinema Arts
Location:  Auditorium
Language:  French with Chinese subtitles

Regarded as the first full-length feature film by Duras, Destroy, She Said reflects the experience of 1968 through characters related through mutual destruction, a principle of love as well as revolution. In a hotel at the edge of a forest, the anonymous guests silently start to observe each other and to approach each other carefully. Two men and two women, all mysteriously afflicted with mental illness, create their own social order within the walls by teasing each other with games that border on the erotic. When rules are broken, tensions flare and loyalties are tested. The film oscillates between rigid angles and close-ups of faces through an investigating camera that meticulously retrieves the traces of fatigue, disgust, terror and expectation, while Duras' use of language carries profound political implications.


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RMB 10 / UCCA Member


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Détruire, Dit-elle

Director: Marguerite Duras

Starring: Michael Lonsdale, Catherine Sellers

Genre: Drama

Country: France

Year: 1969

Runtime: 100 min.


Ambassade de France en Chine