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"The New Relationship" Dance Theatre


Performing Arts
Location:  "The New Normal" exhibition galleries
Language:  Chinese and English

UCCA is pleased to invite emerging theatre director Wan Zhao to present her latest production The New Relationship, a dance theatre performance exclusively tailored for the Center’s current exhibition "The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017." The performance is co-presented by Lantouzi and Towering Capital, with special support from Tony Fashion Studio. Echoing the English title of the exhibition, The New Relationship takes emotions, instinctive states of mind private to each individual and yet universal to all humans, as points of departure. Through physical movement, sound, and other media, 23 actors respond to the 23 works in the exhibition respectively, transforming the exhibition and the temporal progression of historicized forms, present conditions, and speculative futures in its spatial layout into a spectacular play of private feelings. The performance is a passionate reflection on intimacy, entanglement, pain and reconciliation—the hallmarks of modern relationships. In this hour-long performance, the audience will follow the actors through the Center’s 2000m² exhibition space, interacting with the actors and artworks simultaneously. The dimmed exhibition space further adds suspense to the performance and its exploration of love, whose all-consuming nature is suggested by its choreography featuring movements of collapse and restoration in a constant state of flux, mesmerising yet without a clear direction.


RMB 100 / Adult

RMB 60 / UCCA Member


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Wan Zhao

Wan Zhao is a theater director, playwright, choreographer, actress, visual artist, and producer. Zhao is the Founder and Artistic Director of Dolce Vita Productions and Artistic Director of Beijing Art Ladder, and has previously worked at Lincoln Center, Apollo Theater, the Public Theater, and Yangtze Theatre Repertory, among others in New York. She was the first Chinese citizen to graduate from the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Purchase College with a degree in Theater and Performance and a concentration in Directing. She has studied and worked with directors and producers Ping Ching, Otis Sallid, Chen Shi-Zheng, Barbara Hauptman, Tisa Chang, Lenora Champagne, Rachel Dickstein, Dyane Harvey-Salaam, David Bassuk, Charles Tuthill, Lenora Lee, Meng jinghui and Wang Xiaoying, in both China and the United States. Zhao's first off-off-Broadway, GEN, was collected by the Museum of Chinese in America in New York. Zhao was nominated for the Jadin Wong Award for Emerging Asian American Dancers in 2014.

Dolce Vita Productions

Beijing Art Ladder


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19:30-21:00 Performance

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