UCCA Beijing

2017 6th CIAFF


Location:  auditorium
Language:  Chinese only

In collaboration with the China Independent Animation Film Forum (CIAFF), UCCA presents “Magnifying Glass—The Younger Generation of Animation Academia,” part of the lecture series organized by the 6th Annual China Independent Animation Film Forum, Chromosome. This lecture series invites a number of young animation academics to share their research theses reflective of the new face of China’s academic research and studies in animation. By using the “magnifying glass” as the theme, the lecture series aims to examine animation works and various attitudes in animation culture with an objective approach. It also aims to resonate thematically with the China Independent Animation Film Forum’s overarching theme for its 6th iteration: Chromosome.

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Pi San (Chief planner)

Pi San is the founder of the Hutoon animation company, chief planner of the China Independent Animation Film Forum, an animation film director, and a new media artist. He is a representative figure and leading force in Chinese independent animation.

Yi Yuxiao (Artistic Director)

Yi Yuxiao is the CIAFF’s Artistic Director. She is currently a PhD student in the New Media Arts department at Beijing Film Academy.

Liu Shuliang (Curator of the 6th CIAFF "Chromosome")

Liu Shuliang is a doctoral student majoring in animation studies at the Communications University of China. He is an independent animation film director. He is also the founder of Anim-babblers, one of the most popular WeChat Official Accounts focusing on animation. He aims to promote theoretical studies of animation in China and disseminate it to the public. He is the author of the book Re-understanding Animation.

Ma Xiaogua (History of Animation Researcher, Anim-Babblers Deputy Editor)

Ma Xiaogua works in independent animation media as a writer and scholar. He is the deputy editor of Anim-Babblers. His primary field of study includes the history of animation and animation style. In 2016, he gave two lectures on Zhihu Live with the titles “Taking a New Perspective, Understanding Animation” and “Appreciating Animation: Animators and Animation History.”

Li Wenyu (ACG Subculture Research Scholar)

Li Wenyu is a recent masters graduate of Literature from the Chinese Language and Literature department of Peking University. Li focuses mainly on studying ACG/MAG subculture, and was an important member of Peking University’s Yuan Huo Animation Association.

Huang Yameng (Emerging Chinese Independent Cartoonist)

Huang Yameng is an emerging independent animator in China with a master’s degree in Animation Art from the Communications University of China. Huang currently serves as an environmental art teacher at the Chengdu University of Technology.


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