UCCA Beijing

Chai Mi Audio-Visual Theatre presents “Spacetime Illusion: Captured Creatures”


Location:  Nave
Language:  Chinese Only

UCCA is pleased to present the performance “Captured Creatures,” in collaboration with Chai Mi Audio-Visual Theater. Initiated and choreographed by Chai Mi, “Captured Creatures” is a multi-media live performance incorporating live audio-visual effects and contemporary dance. The performer will interact with the live visual projection, which consists of video clips of animals captured in Europe, South America, and Asia, and humans in domestic spaces. During the interactive performance, the dancer will use her body language to convey a series of emotional expressions. Submerged into an experimental ambience, the audiences are invited into an illusionary space, where they can explore potential relationships between humans, animals, and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Ticketing: Free


*Collect your ticket from reception 45 minutes before the event begins;

*Please no late entry;

*Seating is limited, and tickets must be collected individually;

*Please keep mobile devices on silent.

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19:30-20:10 Live Performance

20:10-21:00 Conversation


Chai Mi (Artist)

Born in 1985, Chai Mi currently lives and works in Beijing, China, as an artist. Chai Mi works in a wide range of media, including painting, installation, animation, video, and live performance. Her works have been exhibited at many art museums, cultural organizations, film festivals, and music festivals in China and abroad. In recent years, her animated shorts and audio-visual theater project have garnered critical attention. She has presented these projects at the Chinese and Swedish Music Festival, Shanghai International Arts Festival, Quebec Animation Film Summit, Zagreb International Animation Festival, and the W-STAGE project organized by WCO in Seoul. In 2016, she was invited by Centre Intermondes art center in France to present her latest performance project, where she also presented a solo exhibition at the end of the year.

Guo Rui (Artist)

Guo Rui is an artist living in Guangzhou, China. He studied dance at the Beijing Dance Academy, the Academy for Performing Arts in Hong Kong, and the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in Brussels, where his professional training spanned Chinese folk dance, modern dance, and contemporary dance. During his time in Brussels, he was particularly influenced by the Movement Research at the Judson Church. Guo’s practice defies conventional categorization and constantly challenges the boundary between dance and movement.

Yang Zi (“The New Normal” co-curator)

Yang Zi received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religious studies from Nanjing University and is currently a publications and exhibitions coordinator for UCCA. Yang Zi has worked in art criticism and curation for nearly ten years, starting with his participation in the YCCA project at UCCA in 2008, which introduced him to art criticism and writing. Prior to joining UCCA, Yang Zi was an editor of LEAP, and he has written extensively for a range of publications, including LEAP, Artforum China, Art Bank, and Art Time, among others. He acted as executive editor on a series of UCCA catalogues, including Wang Yin: The Gift, Liu Wei: Colors, Xu Zhen: A MadeIn Company Production, and Zeng Fanzhi: Parcours. His curatorial projects include “La Chair” (A+ Contemporary, Shanghai, 2016) and “Secret Chamber” (am Art Space, Shanghai, 2016).


Chai Mi Audio-Visual Theater