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[BJDW@UCCA] “Open·Closed·Open” Architecture Culture Program: Journey to Architecture

14:00 - 15:30

Location:  UCCA Big Hall
Language:  Chinese


In conjunction with UCCA exhibition Yung Ho Chang+FCJZ: MATERIAL-ISM. This roundtable seminar will discuss the value of design, what kind of opinions on architecture in different designers ‘eyes? And the development and prospects of cooperation of Chinese design culture.

UCCA exhibition Yung Ho Chang+FCJZ: MATERIAL-ISM presents the core concept and plentiful works of FCJZ through the six hutong models display. In order to let audiences to know more about the studio and the team . we invite the members from FCJZ to give a tour of this exhibition . they will share the construction about the six models and tell the stories behind the works, and exchange with you the experiences of FCJZ.

Atelier FCJZ has always believed in the value and craft of design with an emphasis on research and methodology. Since its inception two decades ago, FCJZ has become a multi-disciplinary practice whose outputs range from community to jewelry.

FCJZ received the Progressive Architecture Citation in 1996 for a hillside housing project in Southern China, a WA China Architecture Award in 2004, and a Business Week / Architectural Record China Award in 2006 for Villa Shizilin. Abroad, FCJZ held solo exhibitions of its work at Apex Art in New York in 1999, Harvard University in 2002, Chambers Gallery in 2005, and MIT in 2007. They were also invited to create an installation in the central court at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum in 2008. The firm has participated in numerous international art and architecture exhibitions and biennials, such as Cities on the Move in Vienna, London, New York, and Denmark; and three times at the Guangju Biennale since 1997. Products and architectural models by FCJZ are in the permanent collection at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Art Museum of China.

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From Tuesday to Friday 11:00-18:00

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Architecture divides and connects spaces, the difference between being “open” or “closed” is merely a thin line in the design process. Architectural design is an integrated whole in terms of concept and technology, the philosophical concepts embedded in the buildings also have a lingering influence on people's lives, giving the buildings an openness for cross-cutting cooperation.

During September 30 – December 2, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA) will present the Yung Ho Chang+FCJZ: MATERIAL-ISM exhibition. During this time, UCCA will be collaborating with the Festarch International Architecture Festival by Abitare and Beijing Design Week, to show a series of programs under the theme of urban architecture culture.

“Open·Closed·Open” Architecture Culture Program includes a 3 part seminar (Construction and Design; Design and Contemporary Urban Culture; Design and Design), and 2 children’s workshops, with an “Journey to Architecture.”

We will explore and share with the public how architecture and design changes people's lives.


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Festarch International Architecture Festival by Abitare


Beijing Design Week

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