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Premium Men’s Shirt Specialist PYE Collaborates With The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art In ‘Woven Stories, Woven Expressions’


Location:  UCCA Atrium

Two sides of the same coin, the worlds of art and fashion have long been intertwined, from Andy Warhol to Takashi Murakami. This season, premium men’s shirt specialist PYE is renewing the bond between the two creative industries through an intriguing collaboration with the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA).

A committed supporter of the arts, PYE joins with the cutting-edge Beijing institution and three young Chinese artists to create an installation in the UCCA atrium, culminating in a special event on Thursday August 28th, 2014. The work, titled ‘Woven Stories, Woven Expressions’, is based on a concept developed by UCCA Deputy Director You Yang and curator Zhang Xiyuan and will feature specially commissioned films from artists Ye Funa, Jiang Zhi and Ma Qiusha. The films, which are all based on the idea of ‘watching’ will play on a loop under a floating sculpture of hundreds of PYE shirts in the UCCA atrium.

As well as the UCCA installation, the films will also be on show in all PYE stores and on www.pye.com.hk.

Installation Views

Installation Views

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About the Artists & Films

Ye Funa was born in Kunming in 1986 and graduated from the Experimental Art department of The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing in 2008. She also holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Central Saint Martins, London. She is currently based in Beijing, where she teaches at CAFA, and her conceptual work in photographs and video seeks to investigate the notion of cultural identity through images that tap into China’s collective memory.

Ye’s film is part of ‘Family Album’, a series of video works. The new work is based on PYE products, and uses water as its backdrop. The film explores the artist’s notion that “time is like a thief”, as well as the oceanic separation between China and the West. None of the characters in the video have specific names; instead they co-reference an identity, a type of people, a generation.

Jiang Zhi was born in Hunan in 1971 and graduated from China Academy of Art in 1995. Currently based in Beijing and Shenzhen, Jiang received the Credit Suisse Today Art Award in 2012 and his major solo exhibitions include those at the Times Museum, Guangzhou, the Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing, and Osage Gallery, Hong Kong. Working in video, photography, painting, sculpture and installation, his oeuvre is characterised by its diversity.

Jiang’s film explores the intimate relationship between individuals through the story of Qiong and Ke, two brightly plumed parrots. Bound by chains because their ‘dress’ is too beautiful, both could have lived in animosity but choose to coexist in love and affection. Their names are a riddle created by the artist as a ‘present’ for those who can guess the answer.

Ma Qiusha was born in Beijing in 1982. She graduated from CAFA’s Digital Media studio in 2005 and was also the recipient of a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Integrated Art from the Alfred University in New York. Based in Beijing, she has had major solo exhibitions at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester, UK, the UCCA and Taikang Space, Beijing, while she has also featured in group shows in St Petersburg, Moscow, Houston and London.

Ma’s film is titled ‘We’ and depicts people in stitched-together thin white cotton clothing while in the process of tearing themselves away from each other. This metaphor for mutual relations, from those between lovers to whole communities, highlights both the similarities and differences between people, as well as their relationships to their environment.

About PYE

Since 1984, PYE has been on a quest for the perfect dress shirt. With a team that stretches from cotton growers to engineers, every step of the fabric and shirt making process receives rigorous attention to detail so as to engineer the ultimate product. PYE prides itself on designing the perfect shirt by using only the highest quality Extra Long Staple cotton from the Xinjiang region of China. To guarantee a look of sophistication, PYE offers refined fits and cuts with different fabrics and styles, polished with patented and time tested making methods, and contemporary styling details. A combination of the Chinese word “派” and the greek letter “π,” PYE is situated in the Contemporary Chinese context, with an inspirational and impactful vision of the future delivered through its superior and thoughtful products.

PYE, like π, is a never-ending path. For more information, please visit www.pye.com.hk