New Order: Altermondialisme

2016.12.10 - 2017.6.8

Location:  100 NORTH HAITANG ROAD, SANYA CHINA PRC, 572013 Sanya, China

From 10 December 2016 to 8 June 2017, UCCA presents “New Order: Altermondialisme” in collaboration with JUST SPACE. Inaugurating the space, the exhibition also celebrates the grand opening of the Sanya EDITION hotel. Featuring works from 25 leading Chinese contemporary artists grouped into different sections by medium, the exhibition marks the first step towards establishing a dynamic art platform in Hainan province.

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In the art world as well as other fields, a prevailing, Western-centric notion of globalization as a historically inevitable movement has relegated the discursive function of culture to an exercise of power amidst a radical war across cultures. This globalism—formed within the context of post-colonialism—is now dismissed as a disoriented path in modernity that considers western communities as inherently “modern” whereas cultures that fall outside of western modernism are “primitive,” even “anti-international.”

In light of these particular circumstances, to speak of the possibility of a complex and new identity is to propose a “new order” that at once both rejects the linear path to Western-centrism and exceeds a mere reactionary constant. Here, the new order is a historical discourse in a post-Western-centric age that essentially manifests itself as a “culture of dissensus.” After the collapse of rigid boundaries between different genres and mediums, the contemporary art world seems to have gained an unprecedented subversive power and a new identity that completely abandons previous structures of fine art, music, theatre, performance, and even language and culture. Contemporary art exhibitions are frequently put on around the world and continue to expand their reach into uncharted peripheries. The accelerating dissemination of information, knowledge, and ideas anticipates a new reality: a new world is made possible.

Islands today, with their repertoire of material resources and physical experiences, have become the portal of the new world, while artists are gaining their momentum by means of constant formal experiments. Stemming from disparate backgrounds, these artists are united here by their shared experience of global cultural integration and rapid urban development. Inspired by Sanya’s unique geography, under the twilight of a reality where value standards and rationality are on hiatus, these artists appropriate everyday language to find nodes of creative nuances in the midst of disintegrating value structures and biopolitical turmoil. Through both reason and intuition, these works of varied forms appeal to a diverse range of perceptual experiences.

On the occasion of the opening of JUST SPACE, the exhibition calls together artists, critics, journalists, and art-lovers from all over the world to probe the historical and cultural horizons of a “new order.” The participating artists are at once both creators active in the global contemporary art arena and eye-witnesses to its evolution. The exhibiting artworks span painting, video, installation, and site-specific projects. Today, be it in Miami Beach, Hong Kong, or Sanya, every island is admittedly the product of an age of cosmopolitanism: we do not know where the future is headed, but can nonetheless experience the profound and dynamic changes while being part of its movement. These changes subtly transform our perception of the everyday world.

About the Exhibition

“New Order: Altermondialisme” is co-curated by Dai Zhuoqun and You Yang and organized by The Sanya EDITION and JUST SPACE. The exhibition is co-organized by UCCA, with support from Artron.Net and UCCA Store. The exhibition visual is produced by A Black Cover Design. Installation technical support courtesy of Bian Ka. and Trojans Art Service. Lighting technical support by Hongri Lighting. Audio guide support by VART. The exhibition is accompanied by a variety of public programs, including lectures, screenings, and workshops, as well as a related catalogue.

Opening on 9 December 2016, the exhibition is on view from 10 December to 8 June 2017.

Participating Artists

Chen Wenbo, Fang Wei, He An, Hou Yong, Hu Weiyi, Jiao Jimu, Jiang Zhi, Li Jinghu, Li Qing, Liang Manqi, Liang Yue, Liu Shiyuan, Liu Yujia, Qin Jin, Shi Jinsong, Shi Qing, Tao Hui, Wang Mai, Yang Mian, Yang Xun, Yang Yong, Zang Kunkun, Zhao Gang, Zheng Huan, Zhong Biao


Dai Zhuoqun

Dai Zhuoqun is an independent curator and art critic who currently lives and works in Beijing. In 2007, he founded Contemporary Art magazine, where he served as Chief Editor and Art Director. He also held the position of Executive Director of White Box Museum of Art in the same year. In 2009, he co-curated “Warm Winter,” one of the most important art events in recent years. He has curated exhibitions and given lectures at numerous art institutions, academies, and museums. His writings have been published in many art periodicals in China and overseas. His recent curatorial projects include “Games” and “The Awakening of Things” (White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, 2011), “Superfluous Things” (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2013), “Old Bloke” (Gallery Yang, Beijing, 2013), “Conscious: Twelve Views on Painting” (Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2014), “Civilization” (OCAT, Xi’an, 2014), "Conceptual Symbols,The Dimensions of Language and Form" (Poly Gallery, HK,2015), "Dissensus Agitation:The Painting to language" (Today Art Museum, Beijing,2016), and "MIC/MAC" (A2Z Gallery, Paris,2016).

You Yang

Columnist, curator and lecturer. Since 2004, You Yang has been active in spaces that promote visual art, independent music, and culture, publishing countless articles on topics relevant to contemporary urban culture and curating multiple art exhibitions. Currently, You Yang serves as Deputy Director of UCCA as well as General Manager of the UCCA Store. Prior to joining UCCA, You Yang was the marketing director of the Chinese-language version of Time Out Beijing and the deputy general manager of the China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE), the first large-scale contemporary art fair in China. In 2010 and 2011, he also served as Asia consultant for the ART ASIA art fair in Miami, Florida. Since 2015, He has been a visiting lecturer at CIAB.

About EDITION hotels and JUST SPACE

EDITION hotels represent a new generation of luxury. The hotel brand is conceived by Ian Schrager in partnership with Marriott International. It combines the personal, intimate, individualized and unique lodging experience that Ian Schrager is known for, with the global reach, operational expertise and scale of Marriott. The Sanya EDITION includes 532 guest rooms and villas on a 50-acre oceanfront property. Founded in 2016, JUST SPACE is located within The Sanya EDITION and includes exhibition spaces, the JUST STORE design shop, a screening room and more in its 1,500 square-meter space. Located on the right side of the hotel lobby, the exhibition space is multifunctional and therefore able to accommodate artworks of a wide range of media. JUST STORE features design items and books related to ongoing exhibitions, while the screening room will show video art and relevant installations, house future permanent collections, or function as a research space.