UCCA Store

"It's Not Right But It's Okay" at UCCA Store

2015.8.15 - 2015.9.30

Location:  UCCA Store

From 15 August to 30 September, UCCA Store presents "It's Not Right But It's Okay." Designed by esteemed curator and UCCA Store Art Committee member Fang Fang, the exhibition contains more than eighty works from thirty-five contemporary Chinese artists, including: Chen Ke, Chen Lei, Chen Xi, Feng Mengbo, Gao Jie, Gao Lei, Gao Yu, Guo Mengyao, He Jiandan, Ji Zhou, Jin Ningning, Ju Ting, Lei Lei, Liao Chen, Liu Fujie, Liu Zhizhi, Lou Shenyi, Lv Xin, Na Buqi, Nod Young, Pang Kuan, Peng Lei, Qin Guanwei, Qiu Jiongjiong, Sun Yanchu, Tong Tianqing, Wang Yifan, Wen Ling, Xu Maomao, Xu Min, Yan Cong, Zhang Huairu, Zhang Hui, Zhang Miao, and Zhou Wendou.

Curator Fang Fang reveals, "'It's Not Right But It's Okay' is the name of a song I once heard by chance. Whitney Houston recorded the song after she discovered her husband was having an affair, but it was neither the melody nor the scandal that made it unforgettable to me. The title caught my interest because I found it very difficult to translate into Chinese. Then one day Ni Jun came up with a great translation—肯定不对,但就这样吧!"

The phrase "it's not right but it's ok" is suitable for many occasions in life: to express helplessness when cornered in a position that is "not right," to admit ambivalence toward a situation that is "not right," or to declare determination in a matter perceived as "not right." It is the catch all phrase that once uttered creates a moral vacuum in which "right" and "wrong" have no place.

About the Curator

Fang Fang (b. 1977, Beijing) graduated from the department of art history at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is the founder and director of Star Gallery.

About UCCASTORE Art Committee

By establishing UCCASTORE as a platform presenting future trends, the Art Committee leverages consumer lifestyle for the promotion of contemporary Chinese art, fostering potential collectors for the future of the greater gallery environment. Members of the UCCASTORE Art Committee include UCCA CEO May Xue, Director Philip Tinari, and Deputy Director You Yang. The Committee is also comprised of distinguished experts, critics, and curators demonstrating a long-standing commitment to innovation in the arts, namely Bao Dong, Fang Fang, Fu Xiaodong, Jean-Marc Decrop, and Sun Dongdong.

About UCCA Store

UCCA Store maintains China's leading program of limited editions, having collaborated with over 80 artists and 100 designers to produce specially commissioned works. It also showcases the work of cutting-edge designers, offering a wide range of original products found nowhere else. All UCCA Store proceeds support the Center’s programs and operations.


About UCCA

UCCA is an independent, not-for-profit art center serving a global Beijing public. Located at the heart of Beijing's 798 Art District, it was founded by the Belgian collectors Guy and MyriamUllens and opened in November 2007. Through a diverse array of exhibitions with artists Chinese and international, established and emerging, as well as a wide range of public programs, UCCA aims to promote the continued development of the Chinese art scene, foster international exchange, and showcase the latest in art and culture to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.