UCCA Beijing

He An: What Makes Me Understand What I Know?

2009.2.7 - 2009.4.9


Location:  Long Gallery

As part of the Curated by series, UCCA is pleased to present What makes me understand what I know?, an exhibition of emerging artist He An, curated by leading artist Wang Jianwei and presenting neon light installations and pictures. What makes me understand what I know? is He An’s first solo show in an art institution.

Curated by is UCCA’s branded initiative to support the next generation of Chinese artists. Intending to give artists their first opportunity for a solo show, Curated by will make a series of exhibitions at UCCA in 2009.

“Trusting the judgment of Wang Jianwei, a current master of Chinese contemporary art, we wanted to dedicate a platform for him to present who in his eyes is the talent of tomorrow.Curated by gives young or emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a greater number of people and He An’s work is just a blast of authenticity, a piece of blunted reality”, Jérôme Sans, UCCA Director.

Following his father’s death, He An made the decision to search all over his home town of Wuhan for neon lights that feature the same characters as his dad’s name, “He Taoyuan”, as well as one of his favorite Japanese movie stars. “Words that light on and off feature the main part of What makes me understand What I know?. The second part of the show presents a series of laser printed posters on the wall, introducing my father and the Japanese actress as a documenting background for the installation”, He An.

“It appears that He An hovers between taboo territories”, explains curator Wang Jianwei. “From his initial direct opposition to meaning, his work mocks certain aspects of it as it progresses. He makes his work linger between ‘making mischief’ and ‘research and investigation’. Perhaps he is alert to some kind of warning, which prevents him from sinking straight into certain meaning. Although the meaning may garner him certain admiration, he still chooses to treat the lasting mirage of meaning with a soiled attitude”.

As part of UCCA education program, Curated by will also include an artist talk featuring both curator Wang Jianwei and artist He an.

Installation Views

Installation Views

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