UCCA Beijing

Liu Gang: Merlin, Champagne & Regalia

2009.3.7 - 2009.4.4


Location:  Lan Club

Following the presentations of solo exhibitions by Ji Zhou and Zhang Chunyang in 2008, UCCALAN(D) * is pleased to present Liu Gang: Merlin, Champagne & Regalia.

“As a witness of contemporary life in Beijing and its fast moving developments, Liu Gang: Merlin, Champagne & Regalia is the perfect fit for UCCALAN(D), whose ambition is to stand at the heart of urban creativity,” says UCCA Director Jerome Sans.

This first solo exhibition by artist Liu Gang presents selections from his new photographic series, Paper Dream (2008). Using images appropriated from newspaper advertisements for upscale housing developments in Beijing, the artist creates works of sheer excess and absurdity, but also comments on new forms of identity in China. The show is part of an ongoing exhibition series reflecting collaboration between the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and Lan Club that features the best emerging artists of Beijing.

* UCCALAN(D) is a joint project between two complementary “institutions” of Beijing cultural life, The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) and LAN Club.


4/F Twin Tower, B12 Jianguomen Waidajie

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