UCCA Beijing

Erwin Wurm: Narrow Mist

2010.7.17 - 2010.9.15


Aluminum, Paint

224 x 81 x 64 cm

Courtesy of the artist


Location:  Long Gallery

Narrow Mist, Erwin Wurm's first show at UCCA, is a unique and interactive exhibition in three parts. The first part is a continuation of Wurm's wonderfully playful one-minute sculpture series. This particular series, inspired by everyday objects from Beijing, instructs visitors on how to interact with these selected items through the artist's written or drawn instructions pasted to the floor and wall. UCCA will also display Wurm's delightful box sculptures, immaculately attired in pressed dresses, suits and knife-creased trousers. But the pièce de résistance is Narrow House, the artist's latest architectural wonder. Is this elongated structure charmingly slender, restrictively narrow or disturbingly gaunt? Viewers will have the chance to walk through Narrow House and decide for themselves.

Erwin Wurm, celebrated internationally as a leading artist in conceptual sculpture, draws on architecture, installation, audience interaction and performance to redefine the contours of our multi-dimensional world. With gentle humor, subversive playfulness and an appreciation of the natural curiosity of his audience, he draws people into his art and makes them part of the creative process—and sometimes even the final product. Erwin Wurm's engaging pieces inspire us to consider the fetishes and foibles of this modern, anxiety-ridden, consumer-driven age. "I want to address serious matters, but in a light way," says the artist. "I want to reach more than just an elite circle of insiders."

Installation Views

Installation Views

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