UCCA Beijing

"Curated by Sui Jianguo" Lu Zhengyuan: 84 Days, 84 Works

2010.11.17 - 2011.1.9


Candle Standard size

Courtesy of the artist


Location:  Long Gallery

Continuing the “Curated By…” series, UCCA invites renowned Chinese sculptor Sui Jianguo to curate a new exhibition this November. In a slight departure from previous shows in the series, Sui Jianguo has chosen to focus on a single artist, his former student Lu Zhengyuan. In an exploration of time, creation and deadline pressure, Lu Zhengyuan will spend the month prior to the exhibition and each day of the duration producing one complete work of art per day, for a total of 84 works in 84 days. Each day, he will conceive, develop, execute and complete a new project. The only restrictions are that the artist considers it a work of art, and that it be delivered to UCCA the same day, immediately upon completion. Throughout the process, Lu Zhengyuan will document his artistic progress through blog entries that record the timing of each piece of art.

Reinventing what it means to be a dedicated artist, Lu Zhengyuan combines blogging, daily content and production, artistic process, inspiration, and the pressure of daily deadlines to create a meta-work of art that will change daily, in tandem with his own creativity.

Installation Views

Installation Views

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