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The UCCASTORE Art Space has recently undergone a complete renovation. Based on its motto “Bring Art into Your Life,” UCCASTORE has expanded this space while striving to find more distinctive, cutting-edge artworks. Visitors to UCCASTORE will find that art is a lifestyle—a unique yet accessible experience that blends memory and imagination. By discovering the beauty in everyday objects, we hope to bring moments of creative inspiration into your life.
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Fu Han's Photography Exhibition: Playing on the Earth

From 15 April to 30 May 2017, Dorm by UCCASTORE presents the photography exhibition, ”Fu Han: Playing on the Earth.” The works on view grew out of Fu Han’s reflection into her dual role as a musician and a photographer. From rural farmlands to the beachside, musicians to passers-by, and from flickering lights at night to distinctly urban sites bathed in sunlight; Fu uses her camera to capture what lies between reality and dreams. Fu’s work often contains the most affective expressions of themes such glamour, loneliness, wanderlust, future, chaos, and freedom. The exhibition invites the audiences to play the director: by weaving together a narrative structure with their own imagination, they will each find the most personal connection to these images.


“Fu Han: Playing on the Earth” is organized by DORM by UCCASTORE, and co-organized by Modernsky. You Yang is the curator. The exhibition runs from 15 April till 30 May 2017, and is mounted inside DORM by UCCASTORE.