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UCCASTORE maintains China's leading program of limited editions, having collaborated with over 50 artists and 80 designers to produce specially commissioned works. It also showcases the work of cutting-edge designers, offering a wide range of original products found nowhere else. All UCCASTORE proceeds support the Center’s programs and operations.
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“Soft Abstraction as Constellation”—A UCCASTORE Exhibition

“Soft Abstraction as Constellation” invites 28 of China’s most outstanding contemporary artists to show over 70 artworks together at UCCASTORE. The exhibition aims to present a survey of disparate definitions of abstraction that have emerged over the art form’s evolution, advancing new concepts and perspectives in the field. The exhibition is jointly curated by Bao Dong and UCCASTORE.


Participating artists include Cai Lei, Chen Jie, Chen Youtong, Chen Yufan, Dong Dawei, Feng Zhengquan, Guan Yinfu, Huang Shuofei, Jiang Ji’an, Jiang Zhi, Liu Ke, Liu Wei, Lu Zhengyuan, Ma Shengzhe, Pan Xiaorong, Qian Lili, Ren Zhitian, Sun Xiaofeng, Wan Yang, Wang Zhiyi, Xu Ruotao, Xu Xiaoguo, Yu Xiaozhen, Zeng Hong, Zhan Rui, Zhang Ruyi, Zhou Qinshan, and Zhou Siwei.