Support Us

As one of China’s most influential contemporary art museums, UCCA continues to operate as a non-profit institution, meaning that aside from the revenue gained by the UCCASTORE, corporate sponsorship and individual support are essential sources of income. Through meticulous curatorial processes, UCCA selects contemporary international and Chinese artists based on professional and academic merit and then, as a leading promoter of the newest projects in contemporary art and culture in China, champions them on a local and global scale.

Your support promotes and sustains emerging Chinese contemporary art and cultural education, and benefits over half a million visitors every year.

UCCA will work closely with corporate clients to create strategies for brand development and promotion. In designing a custom campaign to present the brand to the “new audience” of the contemporary art, culture, design, and lifestyle worlds, the client’s branding concepts, product design, and technology will be in a position to act as a vanguard in various fields. UCCA is excited to share these public platforms, increase brand visibility, and provide VIP hospitality to the client’s staff and guests. Having cooperated with media organizations, artists, designers, and cultural leaders, UCCA is well-equipped to curate a lively package of services and benefits.

UCCA has been the recipient of numerous gifts by generous art lovers, and has established a host of benefits for patrons, including exclusive international tours, special invitations to UCCA exhibitions, VIP events and programs, as well acting as a point of contact with many of the contemporary art world’s most distinguished figures.

Please direct inquiries to Christina You 010-57800271/ christina.you@ucca.org.cn