Wang Keping: Self-Taught Sculptor
About This Program

On September 27, the UCCA exhibition “Wang Keping” opened to the public. On that same day in 1979, art collective and advocates for artistic freedom the Stars held a private viewing of their show in Beijing. As a member of the Stars, Wang Keping’s unique, dramatic artworks shocked audiences. After the show, Wang would continue to develop a style of sculpture entirely his own.

During the turbulent 1970s, Wang Keping’s experiences were as varied as the times: he was a sent-down youth, enlisted in the army, worked in a factory, performed in a theater troupe, and wrote screenplays. It was not until 1978 that he happened to pick up a small piece of wood and start to carve it, launching his career in sculpture. He did not come from an art background nor did he receive professional training, yet circumstance and good fortune compelled him to become a master sculptor. This raises the question: How did he become a master of his craft?

In conjunction with the exhibition “Wang Keping,” UCCA is proud to present the artist talk “Wang Keping: Self-Taught Sculptor.” The artist will share his experience as an autodidact and take questions from the audience to discuss his views on the production of art.


Wang Keping

  • 2013.10.5
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • UCCA Auditorium
  • In Chinese Only